Dear USA: Please be kind to one another. Be motived by joy and love. #sharejoynotfear

Dear USA: Please be kind to one another. Please put your focus on expanding and sharing your joy, not your … More

Thanks to dreamers @marketing_girl + @SocialBites, @DinnerPartyYVR exists :) we have another reason to jump for joy

“Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and the thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with … More

Thank you for Sharing the joy on Instagram and Twitter – The Wall of Joy

Pretty excited to see all the instagram and twitter photos being posted of the Wall of Joy Mural – thank … More

Today is final touches to the Wall of Joy! #jumpforjoymural #wallofjoy #Gastown #mural #jumpmural

This is it! Hope to get all the last touches done today (if my arms will hold out). I found … More

So close! The #jumpforjoymural is nearly done :) #gastown #Vancouver #publicart

I’m very close to being done the Wall of Joy mural 🙂 This has been such a great experience that … More

It’s Wiggy and Two Paws! #jumpforjoyphoto of the day! #DTES #Gastown #Vancouver

Taking the risk to jump is a beautiful metaphor for all aspects of our lives. Jumping is something only we … More

Jump, Jump :) It’s me again #jumpforjoyphoto by @eyoalha

Another one of my selfie jumps – just me and my camera timer 🙂 I took this one a while … More

Samantha Skelly @samanthaskelly #jumpforjoyphoto of the day! @hforhappiness May 31, 2015

A bundle of jumping joy, Samantha was recently a Jump for Joy Feature… here it is again in case you … More

Looking for a part-time super Intern to join the Jump for Joy Team :) #intern #jumpforjoy

Hello Vancouver people! Jump for Joy Photo Project is about to get real busy! Over the next few months I’m … More

Mural making on my mind… #jumpforjoy #Vancouver #mural #publicart

This is a little section of the first Jumping mural I made last summer, the new Jump for Joy Photo … More

A new #Vancouver @JumpforJoyPhoto #Mural is in the works! Happy to announce partnership w @FreeOfViolence!!

It’s official! I’m making a new – even bigger – Vancouver jump for joy photo mural 🙂 Two weeks ago … More

Susana and Matt #jumpforjoyphoto of the day! @VanPrint May 4, 2015

This is Susana and Matt. I met these two last year at the West End VanPrint they went way above … More

Let’s Put More Joy into Our Lives and Work – Eyoälha Baker’s Health Care Pecha Kucha

My first attempt at public speaking! Forgot a lot of what I wanted to say and fumbled my way through … More

An email from Joe Carlson about the #Vancouver #JumpforJoyPhoto #Mural @eyoalha

I received this touching email yesterday from a fellow named Joe Carlson. I went by to see what had been … More

Happy New Year 2015! from @eyoalha #jumpforjoyphoto #happynewyear

A few words of inspiration for 2015: Possibility. Creativity. Courage. Love. Inspire. Believe. Accomplish. Faith. Adventure. Lead. Play. Connection. Force. … More

A few photos from the Vancouver Jump for Joy photo mural opening event <3

An incredible day celebrating the completion of the mural and sharing joy with participants, passers by and the local community … More

Stay true to you and you are everything you desire…

“Art is the way, play, it will be so. Love is all there is for you in every way, it’s … More

A gigantic heart felt THANK YOU! To all my Kickstarter backers!

SUCCESS – The mural has been funded – THANKS TO YOU! A gigantic and heart felt THANK YOU! to the … More

SUCCESS! The Jump for JOY Photo mural is funded! #jumpforjoy

SUCCESS! The Kickstarter campaign is now finished and the Jump for JOY photo mural is funded! JUMP FOR JOY! THANK … More

This is it! Last day to pledge! Jump for joy!

This is it! Last day to pledge! Pledge to a part of the JOYful wall mural in Vancouver, buy a … More

The countdown is on… 24 hours left: pledge for a jump for joy photo Book

Hi everyone! Doing this Kick starter campaign has been an incredible experience so far.. I am so happy that so … More

4 more days, lets Kickstart 1000 photos of jumping for joy!

Only 4 more days left of my Kickstarter campaign: I’m still raising funds for the book of 1000 people … More

Just surpassed the base goal of $5000 – thanks to YOU! <3 and NOW onto the book!

Whoooo Hooo! Yippy! I’m Jumping for joy right now! Just broke the $5000 base goal on my Kickstarter page:

Kickstarter Update on Jump for Joy Mural fund raiser :)

The campaign for Jump for Joy Mural project and book of 1000 people jumping for joy around the world is … More

More press! How exciting :) The Province article by Dharm Makwana May 9, 2014

read more … So excited about all the attention my Kickstarter campaign is getting for the Jump for Joy Photo … More

Lets get this jump for joy mural project kickstarted! :)

*** As most of you may know… I’ve just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a Jump for Joy! Photo large … More

Jump for JOY + Murality Kickstarter has begun! @jumpforjoyphoto @kickstarter #jumpforjoyphoto

Jump for Joy Photo Project + join forces! I am excited to announce an exciting art project that I … More

Changing a few things around here…

Hello my dear jumping joy friends… I hope you are all doing wonderfully and enjoying yourself as much as possible … More

Self-portrait jumping joy with me – Eyoälha :) @eyoalha

Entertaining myself on a beautiful Sunday morning in Torrance, California. I love to play around and do selfi jumping photos … More

2014 Jump for joy Calendars for sale :)

2014 Jump for Joy! Calendars for sale! 🙂 The calendars showcase just a very few of my jumping photos so … More

Afternoon jumping joy photos with Caroline MacGillivray and Alice Chen! @alicesolaine @TalkToCaroline

I have been learning some new editing tricks and have been experimenting with making these card collages. This collage is … More

Afternoon jumping joy photo self-portrait @eyoalha @jumpforjoyphoto!

Playing around in glamourous Hollywood, Los Angeles California on a Friday morning… What? No traffic on the freeway on-ramp in … More

Afternoon jump for joy photo with me (Eyoälha)!

This was one of my first attempts at doing jumping self-portraits on a trampoline last spring. I am often asked … More

Vancouver jumps for joy at RAW – EN MASSE Vancouver October 25, 2013!

Excited! I have just been selected to show some of my photos at RAW EN MASSE in Vancouver October 25, … More

Self-portrait jumping joy photo by Eyoälha for Maggie!

It’s me again.. jumping for joy in Whistler, BC Canada. This photo is dedicated to a very special little girl … More

Jumping joy self-portrait photo by Eyoälha :)

This was one of the first warm spring sunny days in North Vancouver after what felt like a very long, … More

Celebrating One Year of my jumping joy photo bloging journey!

On May 14, 2012 I began my Jumping Joy blogging adventure. Today I am celebrating one year of setting up … More

To all the incredible women in the world…

To all the incredible women in the world, thank you for being you. You have touched my life and the … More

Voting a dream true…

If you could make someones dream come true… would you do it? If you could spread a little joy in … More

Motivating people to support a dream – vision – goal!

My vision – dream – goal is to capture the joy of the human spirit in mid air around the … More

Afternoon jump for joy self-portrait photo by Eyoälha!

A few days ago I decided to face the cold to do some jumping self-portrait photos on a freezing winters … More

Happy Birthday to me :) 20.12.2012

The theme today, as you may have guessed, is ME jumping for joy to celebrate my 42nd birthday 🙂 I … More

how blessed I am in my life…

“Some days it really hits me in the heart how blessed I am in my life. The experiences I have … More

Leap into the day…

“Open up, as the rising sun waking in the horizon. Leap into the day, fearless Ready, ready to take action, … More

just play

“Let courage burst though. Push up, stretch out, jump out of the haze. For a moment, just play. Absorb the … More

leap in again…

Advice to myself 🙂 “When blurry and unclear… change focus. Pull back for a moment to see the big picture. … More

Jump for joy painting – by Gigaemi Kukwits

I know this is a little different from my usual posts… but this was so incredibly sweet that I just … More

Mahalo and Aloha Kauai, Hawaii… until we meet again :)

It is my last day here in Kauai (for a while). I have loved being here, Kauai instantly felt like … More

Exploring Kauai…

I had the most amazing time yesterday exploring Kauai on my own and scouting out some beautiful jump photo shoot … More

I’m jumping for joy in magical Kaua’i, Hawaii!

I am overjoyed, feeling blessed and spoiled rotten by my dear friend Anna. I just arrived this afternoon and she … More

LivingNow Magazine Jump for Joy! cover photo for September 2012

I am excited to share the LivingNow Magazine Jump for Joy! cover photo for the September 2012 issue, which I … More

Newsletter Archive featuring Laurel L. Lewis from July 23, 2012

Newsletter Archive featuring Laurel L. Lewis from July 23, 2012 This series of jumping photos with Laurel was taken in … More

at least one person…

From my list of 101 things I want to do in my life… #30. Make an impression on at least … More

Jump photo of the day – it’s me! (slef-portrait by Eyoälha). August 24, 2012

The other day I arrived to a jump shoot location at the base of the Lions Gate Bridge a bit … More


!. 喜びのためにジャンプする = to jump for joy 2. 空中で – – 世界中で私は人間の精神の美しさを披露したい! = I want to showcase the beauty of … More

What is happiness… Quote

“What is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads?” – Albert Camus What is … More

Jump photo of the day – Paula and Michael! August 19, 2012

Yesterdays jump shoot was so much fun! My very dear friend Paula (who I have known for about 25 years) … More

Sky jump photo self-portrait by Eyoälha! :)

Another blast from the past… Jump photo extreme self-portrait! I took this photo in about 2007 after having jumped out … More

Afternoon jump full of joy photo!

Yuri Bojôrquez fling through the air with jumping joy! My friend Yuri just arrived back in Casa Verde (our dear … More

The opportunity for fun… Quote

“Don’t keep trying to go outside yourself searching for something that’s fun. It’s not out there anywhere. It’s inside. The … More

I’m jumping for joy! Self-portrait jump photo by Eyoälha Baker

Cool! My jump for joy! photo project blog which I started barely 12 weeks ago just got 10,001 views! Thanks … More

a worthwhile achievement… Quote

“Even a mistake may turn out to be the one thing necessary to a worthwhile achievement.” – Henry Ford I … More

Fun feels good :)

I love to laugh and have fun. It seems pretty obvious to me that fun must be good for us, … More

Jump on it – Eyoälha Baker!

This morning I was reading TheDailyLOVE by Masin Kipp and I love his topic today so thought I would pass … More

Double Jump Photo of the day! July 13, 2012

I have been digging through my old photo archives looking for jumping photos and its been really fun discovering just … More

Christopher Michael King Newsletter Archive feature – June 11, 2012

I have decided (thanks to Sally for the suggestion) to start archiving the weekly Jump for Joy! Newsletters. Follow the … More

PUNKT! – the Jumping off Point

I have decided that the theme of the day, thanks to the learn German card made by my friends over … More

What is all the jumping about?

As you may notice if you look through my blog.. I love jumping photos!..I love the joy and child-like playfulness … More

Ahbyah Baker jumping for Joy..

Todays Jumping photo has extra personal meaning for me… this is photo is my little sister Ahbyah Jumping for Joy! … More

Share the JOY!

New study finds that …”toddlers under the age of two are happier when giving treats to others than receiving treats … More

Inspired by sharing

I am inspired by sharing.. sharing experiences, sharing photos, sharing love, sharing food, sharing support.. the list goes on. Sharing … More

All in good time.

All in good time. Something that you say to tell someone to be patient because the thing they are eager … More

Play is a Necessity

“Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity.” – Kay Redfield … More

Co-creation Jumping Photo Session

If you are able to look close enough in my sunglasses, you can see Stefany jumping for joy and Tony … More

Jumping over the “Upper Limit”

Jumping is a perfect metaphor for life. Those ups and downs, ebbs and flows we all encounter learning, loving and … More

Jumping self-portrait… finding GRATITUDE in unexpected circumstances

As I was playing around taking jumping self-portraits in Berlin, Germany, I landed wrong and sprained my ankle. It was … More

Let’s have some fun!

I’ve discovered a way to reach the true joy and child-like playfulness within people by having them jump for joy … More

Some animals…

“Some animals, such as the kangaroo, employ jumping (commonly called hopping in this instance) as their primary form of locomotion, … More

Hello world! Self-portrait jump photo by Eyoälha Baker

Welcome to the official blog for Jump for Joy! International photo project. My vision is to create an art photo … More