Afternoon jumping joy photo with Christopher Michael King!

Impressive jumping joy at Santa Monica beach in Los Angeles, California. I am excited to be on my way back … More

Celebrating One Year of my jumping joy photo bloging journey!

On May 14, 2012 I began my Jumping Joy blogging adventure. Today I am celebrating one year of setting up … More

Afternoon jump for joy photo – Chris King!

He is flying.. and he did in fact a jump for joy into this position 🙂 Amazing what you can … More

Jump photo of the day – Christopher Michael King! November 10, 2012

Super jumping on the beach in Santa Monica (the Santa Monica pier in the distance). My fish eye lens made … More

Jump of joy photo of the day – Christopher Michael King! September 10, 2012

CMK jumping for joy through the sky. This is a photo from my first “official” jump for joy photo shoots … More

Christopher Michael King Newsletter Archive feature – June 11, 2012

I have decided (thanks to Sally for the suggestion) to start archiving the weekly Jump for Joy! Newsletters. Follow the … More