Self-portrait jumping joy – Eyoälha :)

Playing around doing jumping self-portrait photos in Hollywood, California. Have a fabulous day!

Afternoon jumping joy photo self-portrait @eyoalha @jumpforjoyphoto!

Playing around in glamourous Hollywood, Los Angeles California on a Friday morning… What? No traffic on the freeway on-ramp in … More

Newsletter Archive with Eyoälha from May 6, 2013

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Afternoon jump for joy self-portrait photo – by me (Eyoälha)

What a beautiful memory… jumping for joy with my camera self timer in Kauai, Hawaii. Bliss 🙂 Enjoy your afternoon!

Self-portrait Jumping Joy photo by Eyoälha!

It’s me again.. having fun and acting like a jump for joy super hero in Kauai, Hawaii. Have a spectacular … More

Happy Birthday to me :) 20.12.2012

The theme today, as you may have guessed, is ME jumping for joy to celebrate my 42nd birthday 🙂 I … More

Afternoon jumping joy photo – Eyoälha (me!) :)

I took this self-portrait in front of these beautiful double waterfalls in Kauai, Hawaii. I love being barefoot in nature … More

Self-portrait jumping photo by Eyoälha :)

Forest play in a forest in Kauai, Hawaii… enJOYing nature and feeling free. I love doing jumping self portraits, I … More

Self-portrait jump for joy photo of the day by Eyoälha! November 5, 2012

Having fun playing around on my own doing jumping photo self-portraits one beautiful summers day in North Vancouver, BC. Have … More

Afternoon jumping joy self portrait photo – Chad Deal and Eyoälha!

Can’t help but laugh looking at this photo of Chad Deal and myself laughing so hard we could barley jump. … More

Jump photo of the day – Eyoälha (its me)! October 16, 2012

A self-portrait I took while jumping around for joy at a lovely jungle get away called the 5th street Ohana, … More

Afternoon jumping joy photo – Caz Andrews and Eyoälha – thats me! :)

This photos makes me laugh so much when I see it.. After taking some cliff jumping photos by a waterfall, … More

Jump for joy self-portrait photo of the day – me (Eyoälha)! September 4, 2012

I arrived back in Vancouver, BC Canada late last night and although it is nice to be here… I have … More

Exploring Kauai…

I had the most amazing time yesterday exploring Kauai on my own and scouting out some beautiful jump photo shoot … More

Afternoon self-portrait jumping photo fun – by me (Eyoälha)!

This is one of a series of super fun jump self portraits I did while in Berlin, Germany a few … More

Me again… Afternoon jumping self-portrait photo! @eyoalha

It’s me again, jumping for joy… jumping self-portrait photo! I took this at the base of Whistler Mountain, BC a … More

Jump photo of the day – it’s me! (slef-portrait by Eyoälha). August 24, 2012

The other day I arrived to a jump shoot location at the base of the Lions Gate Bridge a bit … More

Sky jump photo self-portrait by Eyoälha! :)

Another blast from the past… Jump photo extreme self-portrait! I took this photo in about 2007 after having jumped out … More

I’m jumping for joy! Self-portrait jump photo by Eyoälha Baker

Cool! My jump for joy! photo project blog which I started barely 12 weeks ago just got 10,001 views! Thanks … More

Afternoon jumping joy photo self-portrait :)

My favourite way to play when I’m on my own… jumping self portraits 🙂 I took this jumping self portrait … More

Afternoon jumping photo – Self-portrait Eyoälha Baker!

I just love doing jumping self-portraits.. Hollywood Hills, CA 🙂 So much fun! Have a wonderful afternoon!

Joyous Jump! photo

Another amazing day in Los Angeles today. I am excited to share my first jump self-portrait in over 2 months … More

PUNKT! – the Jumping off Point

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Jumping self-portrait… finding GRATITUDE in unexpected circumstances

As I was playing around taking jumping self-portraits in Berlin, Germany, I landed wrong and sprained my ankle. It was … More

Self-portrait jump photo by Eyoälha – May 21, 2012

Playing around while house sitting in a friends apartment in Berlin 🙂 (Thanks Louka)

Hello world! Self-portrait jump photo by Eyoälha Baker

Welcome to the official blog for Jump for Joy! International photo project. My vision is to create an art photo … More