Motivating people to support a dream – vision – goal!

My vision – dream – goal is to capture the joy of the human spirit in mid air around the world. I plan to take over 1000 photos of people jumping for joy, publish a book with them and do several art shows with a selection of the best images. Pleas follow along as I create this vision into reality 🙂

9 thoughts on “Motivating people to support a dream – vision – goal!

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  2. Reblogged this on recolourlife and commented:
    Hey an alle, die auf meinem Blog vorbeischauen.
    Hey everybody visiting my blog.
    Bitte schaut euch das an und teilt den Link durch so viele Seiten, wie ihr könnt – das zählt als Stimme.
    Please check this out and share the link as often as you can, that counts as a vote.
    Das ist mir ziemlich wichtig, denn das Mädchen hat genauso einen Traum wie ich und ich würde mir die Unterstützung ebenso wünschen.
    This is important to me, because that girl has a dream, just like me, and I would love the support as well.

    Danke! Thanks!


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