#43 Birthday – Jump for joy selfie :) @eyoalha

I am jumping for joy today – I feel so grateful to be alive, to be healthy and to feel … More

Self-portrait jumping joy – Eyoälha :)

Playing around doing jumping self-portrait photos in Hollywood, California. Have a fabulous day!

A little self-portait jumping joy photo with… myself (Eyoälha;)

Playing around with dump trucks, bulldozers.. and my camera in North Vancouver, BC Canada. Have a fantastic day!

Self-portrait jumping joy photo by Eyoälha for Maggie!

It’s me again.. jumping for joy in Whistler, BC Canada. This photo is dedicated to a very special little girl … More

Jump for joy self-portrait photo by me … (Eyoälha)

The people who were going to do jumping photos with me cancelled… so, I jumped around on my own 🙂 … More

Jump for joy photo – Self-portrait jumping joy photo by Eyoälha

I was having a lovely afternoon jumping around in the gorgeous nature taking self-portraits on the Big Island of Hawaii. … More

Afternoon jump for joy self-portrait photo by Eyoälha!

A few days ago I decided to face the cold to do some jumping self-portrait photos on a freezing winters … More

Self-portrait jumping photo by Eyoälha :)

Forest play in a forest in Kauai, Hawaii… enJOYing nature and feeling free. I love doing jumping self portraits, I … More

Self-portrait jump for joy photo of the day by Eyoälha! November 5, 2012

Having fun playing around on my own doing jumping photo self-portraits one beautiful summers day in North Vancouver, BC. Have … More

Jump for joy self-portrait photo of the day – me (Eyoälha)! September 4, 2012

I arrived back in Vancouver, BC Canada late last night and although it is nice to be here… I have … More

Big Island Volcano Village Lodge jumping adventure!

I have been loving my jumping adventure on the Big Island of Hawaii so far… the night I arrived I … More

Double jump self-portrait photo of the day – Marc Andre and me (Eyoälha)! September 25, 2012

This was a spontaneous jump shot.. On our way back from paddle boarding with the dolphins, I was showing Marc … More

Sky jump photo self-portrait by Eyoälha! :)

Another blast from the past… Jump photo extreme self-portrait! I took this photo in about 2007 after having jumped out … More

Afternoon jumping joy photo self-portrait :)

My favourite way to play when I’m on my own… jumping self portraits 🙂 I took this jumping self portrait … More

Afternoon jumping photo – Self-portrait Eyoälha Baker!

I just love doing jumping self-portraits.. Hollywood Hills, CA 🙂 So much fun! Have a wonderful afternoon!

Joyous Jump! photo

Another amazing day in Los Angeles today. I am excited to share my first jump self-portrait in over 2 months … More

Jumping self-portrait… finding GRATITUDE in unexpected circumstances

As I was playing around taking jumping self-portraits in Berlin, Germany, I landed wrong and sprained my ankle. It was … More