It’s the Mayor of Vancouver! Gregor Robertson @MayorGregor #jumpforjoyphoto of the day! @VanMayorsOffice #Vancouver

Super jumping joy in front of City Hall with Mayor Gregor. Look for his joy-full energy on the Wall of … More

We made it! Thank you to everyone who pitched in – the wall of JOY is going up! #jumpingforjoy #JOY

We did it! Thanks to everyone who shared, emailed, donated, pledged, cheered, texted, liked and jumped. I ended up short … More

Article about #jumpforjoyphoto mural – published in Chinese Magazine – Rise Weekly #Art

Jumping in this pic, the fabulous: Sunny Lenarduzzi Jumping in these pics, the amazing: Mark Brand, Fiona Forbes, Zen, Paula … More

The race is on! Only 24 days left to raise funds, or no mural! @1800GOTJUNK @HeRecruits @sherecruits #Vancouver #art

The race is on! Only 24 more days left to raise funds, or no mural! Thanks to a few very … More

Jump, Jump :) It’s me again #jumpforjoyphoto by @eyoalha

Another one of my selfie jumps – just me and my camera timer šŸ™‚ I took this one a while … More

It’s me! Celebrating spring in Vancouver with some selfie jumping joy :) @eyoalha

When spring hits in Vancouver, the city comes to life… it’s a beautiful time to celebrate and get out and … More

Happy New Year 2015! from @eyoalha #jumpforjoyphoto #happynewyear

A few words of inspiration for 2015: Possibility. Creativity. Courage. Love. Inspire. Believe. Accomplish. Faith. Adventure. Lead. Play. Connection. Force. … More

#JumpforJoy may receive a Western Canada Notable Award @NotableCA

Hello! Im kind of excited to share that… I’ve been nominated for the Western Canada Notable Awards!?!?! ā€Ŗ#ā€ŽNotableAwardsā€¬ Wow, this … More

A selfie jumping joy from me to you! @eyoalha October 11, 2014

Another one of my selfie jumping joy adventures.. jumping around is fun šŸ™‚ The clothes I’m wearing here were styled … More

Jumping joy from me to you! Selfie jumping joy photo by @eyoalha October 5, 2014

From a recent set of selfie jumping joy photos I did in Vancouver BC Canada. Always fun to play and … More

Selfie #jumpforjoy photo by @eyoalha! September 4, 2014

This was sort of an outtake while I was taking selfies for the Vancouver Jump for Joy Photo Mural but … More

A few photos from the Vancouver Jump for Joy photo mural opening event <3

An incredible day celebrating the completion of the mural and sharing joy with participants, passers by and the local community … More

Before and After – the Vancouver Jump for Joy Photo Mural

Before and After – The Vancouver Jump for Joy Photo Mural completed by EyoƤlha Baker on August 4th 2014. It … More

The Vancouver Jump for Joy Photo Mural Almost Complete!

The Vancouver Jump for Joy Photo Mural is almost complete! I’m putting the final touches on the Vancouver Jump for … More

@CarmenRuizyLaza Carmen Ruiz y Laza #jumpforjoyphoto of the day! @JoytvBC July 26, 2014

A fun shoot with the fabulous Carmen Ruiz y Laza of CarmenTV with a beautiful dress designed by so … More

Selfie Jump for joy photo by me (Eyoalha:) June 28, 2014

I was feeling like creating some photos and had no one lined up to photograph the other day, so I … More

This is it! Last day to pledge! Jump for joy!

This is it! Last day to pledge! Pledge to a part of the JOYful wall mural in Vancouver, buy a … More

Charlene Ellen joy jumper of the day! May 25, 2014

A fun shot of Charlene getting creative and jumping for joy in North Vancouver BC Canada. Have a fantastic day! … More

Just surpassed the base goal of $5000 – thanks to YOU! <3 and NOW onto the book!

Whoooo Hooo! Yippy! I’m Jumping for joy right now! Just broke the $5000 base goal on my Kickstarter page:

EyoƤlha Baker’s ‘Jump for Joy Photo Project’ – mural Photo of Vancouverites celebrating life to adorn Downtown Eastside building wall By Lisa Charleyboy, CBC News

In the news: EyoƤlha Baker’s ‘Jump for Joy’ to become Vancouver mural Photo of Vancouverites celebrating life to adorn Downtown … More

More press! How exciting :) The Province article by Dharm Makwana May 9, 2014

read more … So excited about all the attention my Kickstarter campaign is getting for the Jump for Joy Photo … More

#Happy Mothers Day! Thais (my mom) #jumpforjoyphoto of the day! May 11, 2014

A day to focus on the importance of mothers – none of us would be here without them! Here is … More

On Glabal News – Jump for Joy!! Interview from May 7, 2014

IM ON THE NEWS!!! Here is the video for my Global NEWS interview about my Kickstarter campaign on May, 7, … More

#jumpforjoy Selfi jumping photo by EyoƤlha @eyoalha! April 30, 2014

On one of my nature walks recently in North Vancouver, I just had to stop and jump for joy with … More

#43 Birthday – Jump for joy selfie :) @eyoalha

I am jumping for joy today – I feel so grateful to be alive, to be healthy and to feel … More

Self-portrait jumping joy – EyoƤlha :)

Playing around doing jumping self-portrait photos in Hollywood, California. Have a fabulous day!

Jump for joy photo of the day – Janette Gorney! October 23, 2013

Luminous jumping joy on a dirt path in Ojai, California with the lovely Janette Gorney. Have a wonderful day!

Jump for joy photo of the day – Erin McMorrow! October 22, 2013 @erinmcmorrow

Stunning jumping joy with Erin McMorrow on the life guard post at the beach in Venice, California. Have a wonderful … More

Afternoon jumping joy with Elizabeth Jarosz!

Gorgeous jumping joy in the Herb Garden at Ojai Spa Resort with Elizabeth Jarosz. Have a fantastic day!

Jump for joy photo of the day – Jessica Corbin and Andrew Schwartze! October 21, 2013

We were in Ojai, California for a beautifully heart expanding wedding over the weekend and we took this fun jump … More

Jump for joy photo of the day – Silas Babaluku! October 16, 2013

More fun jumping joy with the fabulous Silas Babaluku jumping for joy around Gastown in Vancouver BC Canada… I have … More

Afternoon jumping joy photo self-portrait @eyoalha @jumpforjoyphoto!

Playing around in glamourous Hollywood, Los Angeles California on a Friday morning… What? No traffic on the freeway on-ramp in … More

Jump for joy photo of the day – Chris Thorn! October 4, 2013

This jump came from above. A fun jump off a dock into the water at sunset at Jerhico Beach, Vancouver … More

Afternoon jumping joy photo with Christopher Michael King!

Impressive jumping joy at Santa Monica beach in Los Angeles, California. I am excited to be on my way back … More

A little self-portait jumping joy photo with… myself (EyoƤlha;)

Playing around with dump trucks, bulldozers.. and my camera in North Vancouver, BC Canada. Have a fantastic day!

Jump for joy photo of the day – EyoƤlha Baker (yep, thats me:)! March 25, 2013

Here is an old shot of me jumping for joy atop a pyramid in Teotihuacan, Mexico in 2010. I love … More

Afternoon Jumping joy photo – EyoƤlha Baker (me:)!

Here is an old shot of me jumping for joy on a doc in Dominican Republic taken in 2009. Still … More

Afternoon jump for joy photo – EyoƤlha Baker (thats me :)!

This is a photo of me jumping for joy on the lava rock fields in the Volcanoes National Park on … More

Afternoon jumping joy photo – EyoƤlha, Koshi and Dan!

A ridiculously fun day of colourful jumping joy on a dock in Horseshoe Bay BC, Canada. Have a magnificent day!

leap in again…

Advice to myself šŸ™‚ ā€œWhen blurry and unclear… change focus. Pull back for a moment to see the big picture. … More

Afternoon jumping joy photo – Caz Andrews and EyoƤlha – thats me! :)

This photos makes me laugh so much when I see it.. After taking some cliff jumping photos by a waterfall, … More

Over 20,000 views!

Over 20,000 views to date since I started Jump for joy! photo project blog in May… Cool! Thanks for stopping … More

Big Island Volcano Village Lodge jumping adventure!

I have been loving my jumping adventure on the Big Island of Hawaii so far… the night I arrived I … More

Double jump self-portrait photo of the day – Marc Andre and me (EyoƤlha)! September 25, 2012

This was a spontaneous jump shot.. On our way back from paddle boarding with the dolphins, I was showing Marc … More

Me again… Afternoon jumping self-portrait photo! @eyoalha

It’s me again, jumping for joy… jumping self-portrait photo! I took this at the base of Whistler Mountain, BC a … More

Sky jump photo self-portrait by EyoƤlha! :)

Another blast from the past… Jump photo extreme self-portrait! I took this photo in about 2007 after having jumped out … More

I’m jumping for joy! Self-portrait jump photo by EyoƤlha Baker

Cool! My jump for joy! photo project blog which I started barely 12 weeks ago just got 10,001 views! Thanks … More

Jumping self-portrait… finding GRATITUDE in unexpected circumstances

As I was playing around taking jumping self-portraits in Berlin, Germany, I landed wrong and sprained my ankle. It was … More