Celebrating all Mothers around the world #jumpforjoyphoto! #happymothersday May 10, 2015

Photo by Eyoälha Baker www.jumpforjoyphotoproject.com
Photo by Eyoälha Baker http://www.jumpforjoyphotoproject.com

Here she is, the woman of the day – my mom 🙂 She is 100% awesome. She showers my brother, sister and I with endless generosity, kindness and love. She is always our number one supporter and fan. Happy mothers day to you (and to all the amazing moms around the world).

Motherhood is without a doubt, one of the most important and undervalued contributions to the world that exists. Creating a human being is no small task and I think you’ve done a pretty darn good job. We would not even exist without you!

I love you mama, thank you for being amazing.

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