In the news @24hrs : Wall of Happiness Returns to Vancouver Streets By Patrick Colvin @FreeOfViolence #streetart #Gastown

More news on the Wall of Joy Mural. I love that this article also shares the perspective of Janice Abbott, … More

It’s the Mayor of Vancouver! Gregor Robertson @MayorGregor #jumpforjoyphoto of the day! @VanMayorsOffice #Vancouver

Super jumping joy in front of City Hall with Mayor Gregor. Look for his joy-full energy on the Wall of … More

First day of #jumpforjoyphoto posters up on the wall corner Abbott and W Pender St.

First day of putting up posters is complete! This was the hardest part, should go a bit more smoothly from … More

The #jumpforjoy of the day is Erin Harder! @erinharderstyle June 7, 2015

Life imitating art? Erin took flight and became one with this mural while joyfully jumping around. I’ve always loved this … More

Amazing transformation of dark alley off Main by Eyoalha Baker. Jump for Joy Project inspires all. By h18creative

So lovely to know that people are feeling inspired by the creative joy in the Vancouver Jump for Joy Photo … More

The Vancouver Jump for Joy Photo Mural Almost Complete!

The Vancouver Jump for Joy Photo Mural is almost complete! I’m putting the final touches on the Vancouver Jump for … More

Just surpassed the base goal of $5000 – thanks to YOU! <3 and NOW onto the book!

Whoooo Hooo! Yippy! I’m Jumping for joy right now! Just broke the $5000 base goal on my Kickstarter page: