BEST PUBLIC ART IN VANCOUVER IN 2014 @vancitybuzz @SquashBlossom @muralityart

I was pretty excited to come across this article: BEST PUBLIC ART IN VANCOUVER IN 2014 by Lindsay William-Ross which … More

A little video clip of the “making of” the Vancouver Jump for Joy Photo Mural / Murality

A little video clip from behind the scenes of making the Vancouver Jump for Joy Photo Mural. At first I … More

Live Radio Interview about Vancouver #jumpforjoyphoto mural on CKNW News Talk AM980

How fun… you can listen to the live radio interview we did this morning on CKNW NewsTalk AM980 with Amalia … More

The Vancouver Jump for Joy Photo Mural Almost Complete!

The Vancouver Jump for Joy Photo Mural is almost complete! I’m putting the final touches on the Vancouver Jump for … More

FAQ: When will the #jumpforjoyphoto mural be completed?

FAQ: When will Jump For Joy Photo mural be finished? A: My best guess: Im shooting to complete the Jump … More

#jumpforjoyphoto mural making update

JUMP FOR JOY MURAL UPDATE Over the next few days the printing of 165+ jump for joy photos enlarged to … More

SUCCESS! The Jump for JOY Photo mural is funded! #jumpforjoy

SUCCESS! The Kickstarter campaign is now finished and the Jump for JOY photo mural is funded! JUMP FOR JOY! THANK … More

Just surpassed the base goal of $5000 – thanks to YOU! <3 and NOW onto the book!

Whoooo Hooo! Yippy! I’m Jumping for joy right now! Just broke the $5000 base goal on my Kickstarter page:

Thank you for helping create fun public art and spreading joy!

All further pledges will go towards completing the book of 1000 people jumping for joy around the world. Deadline Last … More

Stephanie Wiriahardja jumping joy of the day! May 21, 2014

Another magically fun shoot from the weekend. The lovely Stephanie came prepared with fun props for the shoot 🙂 We … More

Eyoälha Baker’s ‘Jump for Joy Photo Project’ – mural Photo of Vancouverites celebrating life to adorn Downtown Eastside building wall By Lisa Charleyboy, CBC News

In the news: Eyoälha Baker’s ‘Jump for Joy’ to become Vancouver mural Photo of Vancouverites celebrating life to adorn Downtown … More

Off the Wall! article in WEVancouver by Sabrina Furminger

Here WEVancouver are again in the paper version 🙂


Grateful for the support of the media for my Kickstarter campaign, already at 45% funded!! If you feel inspired by … More

More press! How exciting :) The Province article by Dharm Makwana May 9, 2014

read more … So excited about all the attention my Kickstarter campaign is getting for the Jump for Joy Photo … More

Lets get this jump for joy mural project kickstarted! :)

*** As most of you may know… I’ve just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a Jump for Joy! Photo large … More

Jump for JOY + Murality Kickstarter has begun! @jumpforjoyphoto @kickstarter #jumpforjoyphoto

Jump for Joy Photo Project + join forces! I am excited to announce an exciting art project that I … More