Jump for joy self-portrait photo – by me (Eyoälha)! June 3, 2013

Nothing like an early sunny morning of jumping self-portraits near the water in North Vancouver BC Canada! I was a … More

Jump for joy self-portrait photo – yep, its me again – Eyoälha :) April, 22, 2013

I was walking along the low road to my jumping photo shoot with my cousin – Sierra Tasi-Baker, and stopped … More

Afternoon jump for joy photo – Eyoälha and Deborah!

My beautiful friend Deborah and I jumping for joy in North vancouver, BC Canada for my camera self timer. What … More

Self-portrait Jump for Joy photo of the day – Eyoälha! :) December 29, 2012

This was a fun afternoon I had while exploring the beaches along the coast of Kauai, Hawaii hoping out here … More

Self-portrait jumping photo by Eyoälha :)

Forest play in a forest in Kauai, Hawaii… enJOYing nature and feeling free. I love doing jumping self portraits, I … More

Self-portrait jump for joy photo of the day by Eyoälha! November 5, 2012

Having fun playing around on my own doing jumping photo self-portraits one beautiful summers day in North Vancouver, BC. Have … More

Jump for joy photo of the day – Eyoälha (thats me :)! September 19, 2012

I have been having such a blast doing jumping self-portraits while scouting out locations for jumping photo shoots here on … More

Afternoon self-portrait jumping photo fun – by me (Eyoälha)!

This is one of a series of super fun jump self portraits I did while in Berlin, Germany a few … More

Jump photo of the day – it’s me! (slef-portrait by Eyoälha). August 24, 2012

The other day I arrived to a jump shoot location at the base of the Lions Gate Bridge a bit … More

Sky jump photo self-portrait by Eyoälha! :)

Another blast from the past… Jump photo extreme self-portrait! I took this photo in about 2007 after having jumped out … More

Afternoon jumping joy photo self-portrait :)

My favourite way to play when I’m on my own… jumping self portraits 🙂 I took this jumping self portrait … More

Afternoon jumping photo – Self-portrait Eyoälha Baker!

I just love doing jumping self-portraits.. Hollywood Hills, CA 🙂 So much fun! Have a wonderful afternoon!