Spring. Newness. Awakening. Rebirth. Jump for Joy!

Self portrait by artist Eyoälha Baker jumpforjoyphotoproject.com


New locations.

Connecting and deepening new and longtime friendships.

Experiencing home in others homes, neighbourhoods and nature… all feel like mini artist in residences to me.

Places to explore all the wonders of life with new ways of seeing, feeling, believing and experiencing.


To feel loved, welcomed and cared for by people I adore and admire continues to be one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Your generosity inspires deeper access to the vastness of generosity within me.


Your support, openness, fearlessness and love inspires in me a deeper experience of being.

When you shine your brightest, you enable me to share those qualities more freely with the world and towards myself.

Integrating my continually updated understandings of the power of joy at new depths, allows me to soak deeper in the beauty, wonder and joy of life with delight.


I welcome the way I feel in each place.

The opportunity to express that feeling in interactive art is a dream come true I didn’t know I had until I started doing it.


Sharing joy through the language of art has uplifted my experience of life.


Thank you for bearing witness to my journey.

My ongoing growth and understanding of what is possible.

And for cheering me on as I learn how to live life far beyond my most creatively fantastical, romantic, luxurious, adventurous mind altering imagination of what is possible in my life.


Thank you for encouraging me to push through the bud and blossom.


Shared with love, appreciation and a hug – Eyoälha


Have a wonderful day and please share the joy!



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Please... share the joy :)

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