The weather is already taking its tole, repairs are in the works for the Wall of Joy

Thanks to everyone who has let me know that there are some posters coming loose on the Wall of Joy. I appreciate you looking out for it 🙂

The weather is already starting to take its tole on the posters, much sooner than expected. I think the major storm we had that hit the wall, literally the day after I finished did more damage than I realized. Im guessing that the water sealant we had just finished applying had not cured yet when the storm hit.

I was able to do some of the most needed repairs in a couple of hours the morning of the mural opening but skipped a lot of the smaller ones due to time limits. What were small corners of posters lifting up are now starting to show and pieces are starting to peal.

I want this mural to last as long as possible so I am working on setting up a full day to do repairs in the next couple of weeks. It is a bit of a process and of course the costs (around $1200) to make it happen. One 24 hour day of repairs requires: insurance, a signed licence agreement between myself, Atira, BC Housing and Impark, rental of all the parking spots along the wall from Impark, 30 ft of fence rental (delivery and set up), lift rental (+delivery), repair materials (several gallons of contact cement), a volunteer to help me as time will be limited to get a lot done and of course, a beautiful sunny day so the wall is dry.

Hopefully this set of repairs will be the last ones that need to be done until next year.

Enjoy your day!

Much love,




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