Whirlwind of jumping joy mural completion :) #jumpforjoymural #jumpmural #wallofjoy

Now that the Wall of Joy mural is done, I’ve had the pleasure of chatting to passers by (and jumping … More

Spring in North Vancouver jumping joy video :)

Made this fun little video of my little friend Vicho and I jumping on a trampoline in the spring sunshine… … More

Afternoon Jumping joy photo – Eyoälha Baker (me:)!

Here is an old shot of me jumping for joy on a doc in Dominican Republic taken in 2009. Still … More

Jump for Joy! Interview with Lilou Mace in Kauai, Hawaii 2012

Me being interviewed by the wonderful and inspiring Lilou Mace! We had such a great day together 🙂 We met … More

“Jump (for my love)” Pointer Sisters

This is amazing.. I was looking for some musical jumping inspiration and came across this video of what looks like … More