The power of joy! Uplift yourself, uplift others. Eyoälha Baker Jump for Joy Photo Book! Coming soon!

Self portrait. Eyoälha Baker for Jump for Joy Photo project


Joy is a powerful emotion that we all have the capacity to access and share with others.


I’ve been on a mission to feel and share joy with people since 2012.


I remind people to make joy a priority in life.

To uplift themselves and others by shining as bright as they can.


I am learning to live my life better than I can even imagine is possible… the ups and downs of this journey inspire others to dream bigger too.


I have learned well the impact of joy:

People are kind. People are generous. People love. People care. People feel good helping other people. People open their hearts and minds. people enjoy sharing and helping others.


This is my experience of joy. 


When I took this self portrait about 4 years ago, I lived in survival mode every day. I often lived with less than $10 a day, what fit in two suitcases, I didn’t know where I would sleep from night to night. But! I was always covered when I was stuck Paula, Michael, Yury Debs+Dean, Paige, Dannie+Sam… and a multitudes of others that could fill a book of their own. .. they always left the door open for me (even if it meant the front foyer once in a while lol Paula).


I also had: a personal makeup artist Brandi Leifso – now Forbes 30 under 30 business tycoon, personal stylist and hair stylist when I needed to dress up for things.


I ate my dinners from the hors d’oeuvre at VIP, invite only events Sabrina Mehra Furminger Aliyah O’brien, Fiona Forbes and met countless incredible people doing beautiful things for the world, like Brandy Leifso, Mark Bussie, Mark Brand, Evarunssolegirls, Atira Womens Resource Center / Janice Abbott, Caroline Macgillivray to name a tiny few of the caring people making a difference in every way they can…


This was an experience I had never dreamed of living, nor something I had imagined possible for myself. Yet, there I was being invited to the Notable Awards alongside boss women like Sunny Lenarduzzi.


In 2012, when I started this project, I imagined that I would create a Jump for Joy Photo Project book with a 1000 people, from all walks of life, sharing JOY around the world! And, I thought I could do it without money, no network, without a team to support me AND have it all done in a couple of years… I misjudged the mark a little… however…

I’m now 6 years in, and in the process of publishing my first 150 page Jump for Joy Photo Book!

After some research and help from my friend Miriam Blume, I hope to launch the book in November.


I will be setting up a link for book pre-sales here and on all social media accounts if you’d like to pre-order a copy.

I’d love to sell out before the books are even shipped! Or at the very least, 250+ pre-sales of Jump for Joy Photo Project book to help cover some of the upfront costs, so please share some joy with this link 😉


With your help, I’d like to make this book a bestseller!


The book is in creative motion with the support, kindness and generosity of my friends and sponsors: The Hit House Music.



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Please... share the joy :)

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