Jumping self-portrait… finding GRATITUDE in unexpected circumstances

Eyoalha Jump for Joy
Self-portrait.. Jump for Joy! Finding gratitude in unexpected places.

As I was playing around taking jumping self-portraits in Berlin, Germany, I landed wrong and sprained my ankle. It was an interesting experience for me as I love to move, jump and be free and independent, none of which is easily possible with a sprained ankle.

However, I like to look at every experience in life as a chance to reflect and learn about myself and this experience offered me just that opportunity. I have been required to put my foot up and rest. This forced stillness gave me the time to focus my full attention on creating, fundraising, making contacts and planning my Jump for Joy Photo Project in a way I may not have done if I was capable of walking. For this I am very grateful and happy to say, I used the time very productively.

More importantly, I have was given the opportunity to practice asking for help and receiving it which has always been a bit of a challenge for me. I’m quite independent and don’t like to put people out of their way so it’s been an incredible to experience the gracious thoughtfulness and kindness from people, especially complete strangers. It has been humbling and inspiring. I’ve had a few challenging days during the healing process but overall it has been a very joyful and enlightening experience for me. It’s a different experience of joy than I get from jumping, this is a joy and appreciation for receiving kindness and compassion. A good reminder to slow down and focus your energy towards the things and people you love. Regardless of your circumstance, there is always reason to feel JOY.

Please... share the joy :)

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