A little self-portait jumping joy photo with… myself (Eyoälha;)

Playing around with dump trucks, bulldozers.. and my camera in North Vancouver, BC Canada. Have a fantastic day!

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Self-portrait jumping joy photo by Eyoälha for Maggie!

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Jump for joy self-portrait photo by me … (Eyoälha)

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Jumping joy self-portrait photo by Eyoälha :)

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Jump for joy self-portrait photo – Eyoälha (me:)! April 18, 2013

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Self-portrait jumping photo by Eyoälha (thats me:)

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Afternoon jump for joy self-portrait photo by Eyoälha!

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Afternoon jumping joy photo – Eyoälha (me!) :)

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Self-portrait jumping photo by Eyoälha :)

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Self-portrait jump for joy photo of the day by Eyoälha! November 5, 2012

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Double jump self-portrait photo of the day – Marc Andre and me (Eyoälha)! September 25, 2012

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Jump for joy photo of the day – Eyoälha (thats me :)! September 19, 2012

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Exploring Kauai…

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Me again… Afternoon jumping self-portrait photo! @eyoalha

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Joyous Jump! photo

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