Selfie #jumpforjoy photo by @eyoalha! September 4, 2014

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Afternoon jumping joy photo self-portrait @eyoalha @jumpforjoyphoto!

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Jumping joy self-portrait photo by Eyoälha :)

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Jump for joy self-portrait photo – yep, its me again – Eyoälha :) April, 22, 2013

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Self-portrait Jumping Joy photo by Eyoälha!

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Happy Jump into the New Year to you! Self-portrait by Eyoälha :)

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Last self-portrait jump for joy photo for 2012!

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Self-portrait Jump for Joy photo of the day – Eyoälha! :) December 29, 2012

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Happy Birthday to me :) 20.12.2012

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Jumping for joy self-portrait in kauai – Eyoälha!

My favourite way to play in beautiful Kauai, Hawaii… jumping self-portrait photos 🙂 Have a great day!