A new #Vancouver @JumpforJoyPhoto #Mural is in the works! Happy to announce partnership w @FreeOfViolence!!

It’s official! I’m making a new – even bigger – Vancouver jump for joy photo mural 🙂

Two weeks ago my Jump for Joy mural was removed. A couple of days later, I wandered around looking for potential walls to make a new mural and… I came across this wall and knew this was the one.


I immediately went into the print shop in the building and asked who owned the building. I was told it belongs to BC Housing. I looked them up and found they were only a few blocks aways so went straight to their office, they said I would need to speak to Atira Women’s Housing. Atira is a community-based organization that supports all women and children who are experiencing the impact of violence committed against them.

I looked up Atira’s location and went to the leasing office in Coal Harbour.. they told me the number to call, which I did, and had the most wonderful response. 1 or 2 emails and we scheduled to meet today..

Now, I am proud to announce that I am partnering with the Atira Women’s Resource Society and making a massive mural on the corner of Abbott And Pender St. in the most amazing location situated between Downtown Vancouver, Chinatown and Gastown aka DTES 🙂

Let the fundraising extravaganza and jumping photo blitz begin!

I’ve already started preparations for a Kickstarter Campaign to raise the funds as I would love to get started on the mural asap .. at the same time, I will need to do at least 4 shoots a day over the next couple of months to have enough photos to for the mural.

My last mural was 32 ft high by 114 ft wide, this wall is the same width, but has 3 more stories at 65 ft high by 114 ft wide! So thats a lot of wall to cover with jumping joy and a lot of funds to raise to make it happen.

Please... share the joy :)

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