Happy day, Sweet memory. The Lovely Fiona Forbes Interviewing Janice Abbott and Eyoalha Baker

Its been a few weeks since the opening event for the Wall of Joy mural. It was so nice to have Fiona Forbes stop by to join in on the fun. Fiona spoke with Janice Abbott and myself about the joy of creating the mural for On The Scene at Shaw TV. Fiona has always been a big supporter of the Jump for Joy Photo Project as well as many Charities and non-profits around the city such as Atira Womens Resource Society who partnered with me in the creation of this beautiful community project. Thank you Fiona and Shaw TV for sharing our experience with people who couldn’t make it out to our BBQ!

I love the kindness and support this project received. I love how many people, literally around the world, contributed to the creation of this public art installation. The joy is being felt, thank you everyone. It is an example that demonstrates that we are all capable of creating beautiful things together when motivated by the joy of uplifting each other.

Have a wonderful day!


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