Jump for joy photo of the day – Eyoälha (it’s me)! March 9, 2013

That was me playing around doing jumping selfies on the Big Island of Hawaii 🙂  Have a spectacular day!

Afternoon jump for joy photo – Eyoälha Baker (thats me :)!

This is a photo of me jumping for joy on the lava rock fields in the Volcanoes National Park on … More

jump for joy photo of the day – Ed Staack! December 10, 2012

Jumping for joy over rock lava from the Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. Have a super day! 🙂

Afternoon group jumping joy – the gorgeous women at Kilauea General Store! :)

I love this group jumping joy photo of the beautiful women at the Kilauea General store on the Big Island, … More

Jump photo of the day – Eyoälha (its me)! October 16, 2012

A self-portrait I took while jumping around for joy at a lovely jungle get away called the 5th street Ohana, … More

Jump for joy self-portrait photo of the day – me (Eyoälha)! September 4, 2012

I arrived back in Vancouver, BC Canada late last night and although it is nice to be here… I have … More

Afternoon jumping joy – Adele Tripp!

Adele showing her beautiful joy in front of the Kilauea General Store on the Big Island of Hawaii. 🙂 Aloha … More

Jump photo of the day – Harry Kaaumoana Jr.! September 28, 2012

One more time! From my first day in Kauai, an incredible cliff jump photo from Harry Kaaumoana Jr. This was … More

Big Island Volcano Village Lodge jumping adventure!

I have been loving my jumping adventure on the Big Island of Hawaii so far… the night I arrived I … More

Jumping for joy photo of the day is Ed! September 26, 2012

Ed doing some impressive jumps of joy on the field of lava rocks at Volcano National park on the Big … More

Afternoon jump of joy – Kilauea Caffe Crew jump!

My friend got this fantastic shot on his iphone of me shooting a group jump for joy photo with the … More

Hawaii Big Island jumping photo adventure!

OK.. How cool is this… First, Im extending my stay in Kauai, Hawaii until October 3rd AND tomorrow I am … More