Jillian Schecher light beams of joy in Mount Shasta, California

Jillian Schecher photographed by Eyoälha Baker

Meet my amazing sister of joy, Jillian Schecher.. she literally is a Joy Coach and has a Joy Club in Edmonton, Alberta. Of course we had an immediate connection both through our desire to feel and share joy and through our love of photography.  We laughed pretty much constantly during this jumping light beam photo session.

I’m excited to share this light photo jump as I’ve been playing a lot with capturing light energy in my photos lately and it seems to be the direction I’m moving towards in my art work.

I’m grateful to have the opportunity to play and create joy with such an expert in the field of joy. 🙂


Get to know a little more about Jillian:

Q: What does joy mean to you?

A: I believe that Joy is who we are by nature. Through life we learn to fear and contract and as we get older many of us will hear the sound of our soul calling us back home to ourselves. The place where infinite possibility exists. This, to me, is Joy. It’s accessible in any moment when we are able to simply be, and breathe and remember. This can look light and bubbly, but I believe it also contains great depth. Sometimes Joy may show up as a giant horse-face laugh (which I love!) And, you may also feel Joy during life’s darker, more contrasting times. A silent knowing that we are in alignment. This is what Joy means to me. 


Q: How do you describe the feeling of joy? 

A: Alignment. An inner knowing. Sometimes exuberant + big + loud. Other times quiet + graceful. 


Q: How has joy impacted your life?

A: Joy is my foundation. It is the one thing that ties my entire life together. She has been with me through both the darkest and lightest times of my life. She has been my teacher and my medicine. The ability to access and align my life with Joy is what I consider to be the greatest gift of my life. 


Q: What is your greatest passion in life?

A:  I have built an aligned life that is based on JOY and how I want to feel. I wake up excited every day knowing that I have the opportunity to use my gifts and talents to make a difference in the world. Building a Joyful life, business and world is my mission. I want to encourage, inspire and support others to do the same. I want to blast the world with Joy and light up this life like a field full of fireflies!


Q: How do you cultivate joy in your life?

A: I practice what I call The Joy Method ™, a practical way to align with life, raise your vibration and manifest the sh*t out of your dreams! 


Q: What are you working on or creating? 

A: I am currently building The Online Joy Sessions while building a Joyful Community (The Joy Club) and meeting weekly with members of The Joy Nest to provide a soft place to land where we practice living Joyfully.


Q: Mini bio or something special you want to share.

A: I would love to invite readers to join The Joy Club to receive Joy-inspired love notes on the weekly. It’s free! http://jillianschecher.com/the-joy-club/


Get connected with Jillian:

Website:  https://jillianschecher.com/

Instagram: @jillianschecher  

FB page: jillianschecherstudio    


Have a wonderful day and please share the joy!


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