Jamie Lu liberating her joy with jumps at Guru Shasta

Jamie Lu photographed by Eyoalha Baker

Since arriving in Mount Shasta I’ve  started working a lot more with light energy, breathing and movement in my photo sessions. Sometimes that movement still includes jumping for joy as a way to get people to open up and get comfortable and open up in front of my camera.

The energy and quality of light here are quite special. I’ve taken photos similar to these in other places but the angle, colour, energy of the light and of participant combined with my own energy interaction seems to have impact on the variety of light light orbs that show up in the images.

Jamie was one of the first people I met through living at Guru Shasta this summer. Jamie was fully open to play and jump around in the session which made her images really come alive.

Jamie looks like she’s channeling light fairy energy in this photo! 🙂


Get to know a little about how joy impacts Jamie:

Q: Jamie, what does joy mean to you?

A:  The unbounded expression of my Soul. The sound of my playful heart. The meaning of my life.

Q: How was your experience doing the jumping photos?

A:  Just so free, like someone just gave me the permission slip to start flying!

Q: How do you describe the feeling of joy?

A: When you’ve decided to not hold back on living life to its fullest anymore, when you see with new eyes how life is extraordinarily beautiful, how precious time is and how worry is wasteful.

Q: How has joy impacted your life?

A: Joy is like peace. I can’t have joy without knowing who I am, so Joy has lead me to greater understandings and for this I am grateful.

Q: What is your greatest passion in life? 

A:  I’m totally preoccupied with liberating myself from limiting beliefs, mindsets, dogmas and sources of emotional pain. I’ve created the Liberation practices because I was so challenged with anxiety and grief.  I love peace of mind and continuing to learn and grow. I want to stretch beyond my self and my limits. Because this is my chance to live, life is precious and it can always get better.

Q: How do you cultivate joy in your life?

A: I live by the Liberation Practices and other tools, and methods of Meditation. Meditation is my life. As a practice, it gives me a framework that enables me to live life on my terms, follow my heart, create my life, in freedom, in stability — it’s a feeling of enduring peace with all things and situations.

Q: What are you working on or creating?

A:  The Liberation Retreats – I create retreat experiences that transform people. The environment that I create brings others into experiencing a deep relationship with themselves and realization of their joys, their purpose, and the inner Spiritual workings of their lives. In these retreats, people learn how to tap into their inner source of power and heal themselves.

Q: Mini bio or something special you want to share.

A: Jamie Lu is a potent Change Agent, Meditation teacher, and teaches Frequential Energy Medicine. She facilitates deeply transformative retreat experiences, 1-1 sessions, and mentors individuals, teachers, coaches and healers. Her gifted voice and healing methodology is extremely effective in releasing trauma, stuck emotional energy, and other sources of chronic pain, stress & anxiety from the body.

“Jamie Lu is a gifted intuitive healer utilizing a variety of methods, including touch, sound, and energy work to induce transformation and balance on every level of the mind, body and spirit. She is world-renowned for working with difficult illnesses and diseases, after healing herself from a heart condition and Hashimoto’s disease at age 24.”

— Ryan Mandell, Conscious Lifestyle Magazine


Connect with Jamie:

Instagram: @JamieLu

FB page: /JamieLuSoundHealing

Other links: jamielu.com

Have a wonderful day and please share the joy!


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