Why it’s good to reevaluate your life, what you want to experience, refocus if necessary… then go do that.

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It’s a strange title: Why It’s Good To Throw Your Life Away.
It should be called: “Why it’s good to reevaluate your life, what you want to experience, refocus if necessary… then go do that.”
I seem to need to do this kind of self reflection, reset or redirect at least once a year… although I think it may be more effective for me to start doing it at least once a month (think I’ll give it a go for a few months and see how it impacts my life).
I enjoy the spontaneity of going with the flow of random, unexpected opportunities as they arise. I equally enjoy the power of manifesting the exact experiences I desire and put into motion.
The combination of creating exactly what I want and allowing amazing adventures and experiences that I had never considered or imagined is my favourite recipe for joy. It can also throw me off track and make me lose my focus sometimes.
I’ve been simmering on a low boil for the past few months, in reset and redirect mode. Now I’m getting ready to turn the heat up a little and jump into some new directions.
This interview was done midway though creating my first mural in 2014. I was 2 years into the Jump for Joy Photo Project at the time. It was one of those times that I said YES! without hesitation, to something I had never imagined I would do, and with no idea how I would do it.
I did it anyway, and I’m beyond grateful I took that chance. Everything was completely in flow and aligned with my life’s purpose. It was one of the most rewarding, heart opening experiences I’ve ever had and opened up an entirely new set of incredible life changing experiences for me.
When I listen to myself in this interview I realize that I’ve relived this journey a few times now, making adjustments and improvements every time. I’ve grown and changed in many ways, and I’m just about ready to dive in for the next round (I’ll keep you posted as things develop!).



Have a wonderful day and please share the joy!


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