Everyday is a day to celebrate life, share your joy – video of Eyoalha Baker jump for joy by Angie Winona

Never underestimate the power of joy. Joy makes everyday a day worth celebrating.

Thank you Angie Winona for capturing these playful, joy-filled moments.

I jump for joy. I jump for peace. I jump without fear. I jump for love. #shareyourjoy @jumpforjooyphotoproject

Alexandre Légère photographed by Eyoalha Baker for the Jump for joy Photo project

Alexandre Légère photographed by Eyoalha Baker for the Jump for joy Photo project

I met Alexandre while working on my first Jump for Joy Photo Mural, and he was the first to volunteer when I began my second mural in the down town East Side of Vancouver. Sharing joy has a powerful impact the ripples out and touches others. Share your joy, it just may change someones life for the better.

Alexandre Légère …

Q: What inspires you to jump for joy?
Life changing. Jump for a better world.

Q. Jumping photo experience?
I had fun! Good laughs lol I felt fresh and made a new friend. I felt all doors open to me.

Q: Inspiration in life?
Others in action. Life experiences. Nature.

Q: Greatest passion?
Love. Liberty to be free. Free to create.

Q: Philosophy?
You are alive, always have hope. Hope to change. Hope to love. Hope to be better person in life.

Q: Anything in the world?
The world needs love. We need to take care of the world. It’s a garden that needs love to flourish.

Q. Working on?
I’m providing home hair services to my clients. I volunteer by doing hair for the homeless in my community.

Mini bio:

I will share a piece of my story. We were two friends. We were living in the darkness of addiction and lost our way. Enough is enough. With Gods’ love, I found the courage, determination, passion and love to fight against myself. I was able to get out of the darkness.

I present myself. Alexandre Légère. French Acadian. Artist. I was orphaned from a very tender age of 5 years old. I want to share my story because I won this struggle. With Gods’ love, I found a family every where I go. The world is my family.

Recently, I was walking down an alley where my friend Robert used to live. Singing to him. Love. Truth. Courage. Faith to never give up. My Biggest wish is to see him happy and in peace. Eyoalha was doing her art at the end of the alley while I was singing to my friend who lost his life. With Gods’ Love, she is now my friend. This is Gods’ handiwork.

Now I take the time to see, feel, listen and smell art. That’s the reason I jump. I jump for joy. I jump for peace. I jump without fear. I jump for love. Thanks to all my friends who never give up and who believed in me. Special thank to my dear friend, Robert.

A little video about the project, Eyoalha Baker being interviewed on TelusOptic during her first mural in 2014. It shows Alexandre’s photo shoot too 🙂

There is great potential in everyone and everything. @jajawoot @FreeOfViolence #sharethejoy

Photo of Janice Abbot, CEO of Atira Womens Resource Society by Eyoalha Baker for the Jump for Joy Photo project

Photo of Janice Abbot, CEO of Atira Womens Resource Society by Eyoalha Baker for the Jump for Joy Photo project

Janice is the powerful force behind Atira Womens Resource Society. I had the honour of not only meeting her, but being supported by her to create the Wall of Joy mural with Atira and BC Housing. I have great admiration and respect for her, and her ability to make things happen and to help people in the DTES of Vancouver. Knowing people like her are out there doing this kind and much needed work to lift people up is a good reason to jump for joy. Thank you Janice!


Q: What makes you jump for joy?
Eyoälha.. 🙂

Q. Your experience doing jumping photos?
A little silly. A little free. A little joyful.

Q: What inspires you in life?
A: My daughter… and all vibrant, intelligent, interesting, ambitious young women, really.

Q: Your greatest passion?
Whatever I am doing in the moment.

Q: Driving Force?
There is a Taoist saying, “the journey is the reward.” There is a Sanskrit saying, “Each today well lived makes yesterday a dream of happiness and tomorrow a vision of hope. Look, therefore, to this one day, for it and it alone is life.” I believe I have to live my life knowing this is all there is and that every moment matters.

Q. Philosophy?
There is great potential in everyone and everything.

Q: Anything in the world?
I am currently doing exactly what I want to be doing and while the work of ending violence against women sometimes feels overwhelming and futile, if you think about it one woman, one child, one man at a time, it feels infinitely possible.

Mini Bio: I grew up in Powell River. The ocean smells like home. While there are lots of things I hate about the sports industry, I love baseball. I inevitably cry when I am reading a book or watching a movie, even happy ones. I don’t stand for the national anthem – any of them. I have a bit of a shoe fetish. I love the rain. I hate coffee. My favourite book is Beloved, by Tony Morrison. I have read every book, short story and poem Margaret Atwood has ever published. My guilty pleasure is reading crime novels, the creepier the better. I am a non-practicing atheist What I want most in life right now is a dog.

Twitter: @FreeOfViolence @jajawoot
Instagram: @freeofviolence
FB: Atira Womens Resource Society
Web: www.atira.bc.ca

This is Janice Abbott being interviewed by Fiona Forbes at the Wall of Joy mural opening 2015

Jumping for Joy opened hearts and unified communities – Eyoälha Baker speaking at TEDxEastVan

My TedXEastVan talk is online! The short version of how Jump for Joy photos opened my heart, turned into murals and brought people together in the DTES of Vancouver: www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-MFCkjTEhY&feature=youtu.be

Photo by Michelle Hondl

Life is very interesting… Eyoalha speaks about creating murals and connecting with community

Life is very interesting…

Today, the talk I did about the Jump for Joy Photo Project / murals at Interesting Vancouver was posted. I was incredibly nervous, emotional and fumbled my way through.. but I did it 🙂

Yesterday, I received a letter from the city letting me know that I have 30 days to repair the mural or it will need to be removed. I may have some funding coming in, and need at least a week of dry weather. I’m asking for an extension in case the funds and money are not in line with the deadline. Will see what happens.

History repeats itself and gives us opportunities for deeper learning and understanding every time. It makes me wonder, maybe the creation of the murals were meant to be temporary and more about the beauty of sharing joy, connecting with people, learning about community and kindness. I’m not sure how this month will play out, I’ll keep on pushing for the repairs but if it doesn’t happen my heart is full with all that the experience creating this work has brought me. I know that either way this is only the beginning of more amazing opportunities to create, connect and experience life in whatever form it takes.

Eyoalha Baker speaking at Interesting Vancouver

Last few days to get tickets and experience an Interesting night in Vancouver :)

I’m very honoured to be included in a speakers line up of some very interesting Vancouverites.

Interesting Vancouver

November 6th will be a really fun night in Vancouver, come join us! GET YOUR TICKETS HERE

Happy day, Sweet memory. The Lovely Fiona Forbes Interviewing Janice Abbott and Eyoalha Baker

Its been a few weeks since the opening event for the Wall of Joy mural. It was so nice to have Fiona Forbes stop by to join in on the fun. Fiona spoke with Janice Abbott and myself about the joy of creating the mural for On The Scene at Shaw TV. Fiona has always been a big supporter of the Jump for Joy Photo Project as well as many Charities and non-profits around the city such as Atira Womens Resource Society who partnered with me in the creation of this beautiful community project. Thank you Fiona and Shaw TV for sharing our experience with people who couldn’t make it out to our BBQ!

I love the kindness and support this project received. I love how many people, literally around the world, contributed to the creation of this public art installation. The joy is being felt, thank you everyone. It is an example that demonstrates that we are all capable of creating beautiful things together when motivated by the joy of uplifting each other.

Have a wonderful day!

Whirlwind of jumping joy mural completion :) #jumpforjoymural #jumpmural #wallofjoy

Now that the Wall of Joy mural is done, I’ve had the pleasure of chatting to passers by (and jumping for joy a lot – this video sent in by Barbara Burkholder) and sharing my excitement about the project with the media. I am exhausted and so happy 🙂 I love this project and work. I am so grateful to everyone who has participated and contributed to make this Wall of Joy happen.

An opening event – Community BBQ is in the works for September 9th, from 4:00 – 6pm.. will post details once things are set. The Wall of Joy Mural is located on the corner of Abbott and West Pender St.

See you soon!

Eyoalha Baker Interviewed about Jump for Joy Mural by @LeighKjekstad Unfiltered @globalbc #Vancouver #mural #jumpforjoy

Eyoalha Baker Interviewed about Jump for Joy Mural by Leigh Kjekstad on Unfiltered 2015

Eyoalha Baker Interviewed about Jump for Joy Mural by Leigh Kjekstad on Unfiltered 2015


Today is the last full day to make a contribution on my Indiegogo fundraiser for the mural. Please help me spread JOY around the world. Make your pledge of any amount here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/vancouver-jump-for-joy-photo-mural/x/53648#/story

Speaking with @jodyvance + @riazmeghji on @BT_Vancouver about creating a massive wall of JOY #vancouver

This is it! The last full day to contribute to the jump for joy photo mural. There are now only 41 hours left in the fundraising campaign.


Thank you for taking part in creating and spreading JOY around the world 🙂

Super fun group #jumpforjoyphoto ATTEMPT w camera timer @MarkBusse

If you are ever in need of a really good laugh and an energy boost.. try this: Get a group of fun people together, prop up your camera, set the timer.. and JUMP around. We video taped our attempt and its quite hilarious, we made need some practice to get the timing right. In this fun group jump attempt video / photo is Mark Busse, Andrea Busse, Claudio De Los Rios, Sylvia Rigakis and myself, Eyoalha Baker.

We never actually all made it up at the same time, but luckily Mark Busse is a photoshop wizard and he created an image of all of us up at once – see the finished product below the video 🙂

Photo by Eyoälha Baker and Mark Busse www.jumpforjoyphotoproject.com

Photo by Eyoälha Baker and Mark Busse http://www.jumpforjoyphotoproject.com

This is it! The last day to help create the jump for joy photo mural! Help spread the beautiful and fun energy of joy, pledge here: www.indiegogo.com/projects/vancouver-jump-for-joy-photo-mural

Thank you for helping create this joy-full work!

Spreading jumping joy w @jodyvance + @riazmeghji on @BT_Vancouver #jumpforjoyphoto #mural

Breakfast Televison City TV with Jody Vance and Riaz Meghji

Breakfast Televison City TV with Jody Vance and Riaz Meghji


Last chance to help create this wall of over 200 people jumping for joy: www.indiegogo.com/projects/vancouver-jump-for-joy-photo-mural/

Have an amazing day!

Jump for Joy of the day is Jude Kusnierz! Whats your jumping style? #jumpforjoy #mural #Vancouver

What is your unique jumping style?

I would LOVE to do a creative Jump for Joy photo shoot with you for the new 18,000 sq ft mural I’ll be making in collaboration with Atira Womens Resource Society in Gastown this summer.

Find out how you can jump with me and be in the mural by making a pledge here:


Have a wonderful day!

Contest! Want to be in the #jumpforjoy photo #mural for free? Check this out :) #contest


Im still going with fundraising for the 18,000 sq ft Jump for Joy Mural Project..

I only have 22 days left to raise funds in order to create the mural.

The pledging for the new mural has been quite slow the past couple of days…

SO, heres a contest / incentive to help get some pledges in and get you on the wall …

The first person to get 8 people to make a pledge of $25 or more will get a FREE JUMP SHOOT with me and a PHOTO ON THE MURAL! The people who make the pledges must put your name in the comment section of indiegogo after theve pledged for the pledge to count (and must be in Vancouver to do the shoot). GO GO GO!

Here is the link: http://igg.me/at/Lc-KC54o76I/x/53648 🙂

Thanks for taking part and have a great day!


The race is on! Only 24 days left to raise funds, or no mural! @1800GOTJUNK @HeRecruits @sherecruits #Vancouver #art

The race is on! Only 24 more days left to raise funds, or no mural! Thanks to a few very generous contributions, the mural is now 13% funded in the first week! 🙂 BUT there are now only 24 days left to raise the remaining $13,120. Without funds, the Jump for Joy Photo Mural mural will not get made.

Please take a moment to watch the video and learn more about this heart felt, joy-filled project.

Indiegogo Campaign Video by Dunia Tozy

Indiegogo Campaign Video by Dunia Tozy

Watch Video Here

If you feel inspired by this work, please consider making a contibution, of any amount.. even $10 or $25 will help spread massive JOY 🙂

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Vancouver MetroNews wrote about our Indiegogo campaign @VancouverMetro @FreeOfViolence #dtes #gastown

We made the paper! Vancouver MetroNews wrote about our Indiegog campaign: http://igg.me/at/Lc-KC54o76I/x/53648

Watch the video to find out the full story, and if you feel inspired please pledge to help create this uplifting, joy-filled project 🙂

It’s Wiggy and Two Paws! #jumpforjoyphoto of the day! #DTES #Gastown #Vancouver

Taking the risk to jump is a beautiful metaphor for all aspects of our lives. Jumping is something only we can do for ourselves. When we jump, and we jump for joy, we use our own power and strength to lift ourselves up. When we take the risk to open ourselves up, we inspire others to do the same.

This is Wiggy and her dog Two Paws 🙂 They live in the Arco Hotel (run by Atira) – location of the 18,000 sq ft mural I will be creating this summer. We chose the Hastings Urban Farm, a community garden in the DTES of Vancouver, for her Jump for Joy. We tried to get Two Paws to jump at the same time.. this is as close as we could get 🙂 but fun trying.

This will be one of the photos to go up on the Jump for Joy photo mural – assuming I raise the money to make it happen!

I only have 25 days left to raise funds to make this unique and heartfelt work. If you are inspired by my project and touched by the work I do, please consider contributing a pledge of any amount – every bit helps to spread the JOY!

Watch the video to learn more about the project and how you can take part:


It’s Lynda! #jumpforjoyphoto of the day! Feel the joy :) #Vancouver

This is Lynda. She works for one of Atira’s SRO’s in Gastown. She said she wasn’t sure if she could jump very high.. she can, and you can feel the joy in her jump. So fun! This will look great in the Jump for Joy Photo mural…

Check out the new video I’ve added to the the mural campaign, it will make you smile:

Have a great day!

Today was the end of the Vancouver Jump for Joy Photo Mural #jumpforjoyphoto

To my surprise the Vancouver Jump for Joy Photo Mural was removed yesterday. I discovered it by chance as I passed by in the morning. I knew it would be coming down eventually and it was starting to come apart on its own but it was still quite emotional to see it coming down. I wish I’d had a heads up that it was coming down but I’m glad I chanced upon it before it was gone. A lot of love and joy from a lot of people went into creating that mural. It was an incredible experience and I’m grateful to Amalia Liapis and Murality for the opportunity to share my art with the world. The good news is… I can make another mural! All I need a new wall and I can get started 🙂

Video Jumping joy! @goWestCoastTV @ShawTVVancouver @duniatozy​ + @samanthaskelly​

This was such a fun morning with Dunia Tozy and Samantha Skelly shooting a piece for Go West Coast on Shaw TV about the Jump for Joy! Photo Project smile emoticon Enjoy!

Let’s Put More Joy into Our Lives and Work – Eyoälha Baker’s Health Care Pecha Kucha

My first attempt at public speaking! Forgot a lot of what I wanted to say and fumbled my way through lol but, I did it! Let’s Put More Joy into Our Lives and Work. This Pecha Kucha presentation was done for the 2015 Quality Forum BCPSQC Health Talks. It was a great challenge and look forward to improving my skills at my next speaking engagement 🙂

Jump for Joy! Photo Project on @NovusTV City Lights w Natalie Langston @langstonnatalie @aliceko @Tammy_F_Gillis

Jump for Joy! Photo Project on Novus TV – City Lights with Natalie Langston. I had the great pleasure of doing Jumping shoots with the lovely Alice Ko and Tammy Gillis. My hair by Brendan Hopwood BEAUTY-A-GO-GO, Makeup by Diana’s Artistry. Styled by Gaia Subren. And lots of people in the photos.. see anyone you know?


A little video clip of the “making of” the Vancouver Jump for Joy Photo Mural / Murality

A little video clip from behind the scenes of making the Vancouver Jump for Joy Photo Mural. At first I thought it was me up on the lift but its Amalia Liapis Founder of Murlity rolling some waterproofing over my photos – team work! 🙂 Video clip is by Ricky Shetty

@GastownGazette @GoWhistler Jump for Joy Shoot in The Gastown Gazette – Gastown Style Goes Glitterati

Gastown Style Goes Glitterati

Gastown Style Goes Glitterati

Check it out: My jumping photo of the Global Glitteratti girls jumping for joy in a recent shoot done on Whistler Mountain is in The Gastown Gazette!

Some of my jumping shoot even made the video… Enjoy! 🙂

Spring in North Vancouver jumping joy video :)

Made this fun little video of my little friend Vicho and I jumping on a trampoline in the spring sunshine…

Enjoy! 🙂