A life of play and joy with Stefany Mathias

Stefany Mathias-Butler

More Joy, more joy! Happy Birthday Stef!

When we were kids around 6 or 7 years old, my cousin Stefany and I were inseparable. Her dad, my Uncle Chief Joe Mathias, (who was the Chief of the Squamish Reservation #5 for 30 yeas plus) lived a couple of houses down the street from us on the the Capilano Reservation. Some of my fondest memories in childhood were summertime when I’d run down the street to her house in the morning, and run back home when it was dark. We’d play all day long, exploring the neighbourhood, climbing trees, buying candy at the corner store, playing by the train tracks, the Capilano river by the ocean and getting into all kinds of mischief. I love the independence and freedom we had (we often had little to no supervision which meant we had free reign to do whatever we wanted… and we had a lot of fun!). These playful adventurous times with my cousin helped form the women we are today. Happy to celebrate your strength, courage, powerful presence and kind heart Stef, I love you!

Get to know Stefany Mathias-Butler (They call me Stefany the Magnificent!)

Q. What are your greatest passions in life? A. Acting, films, travel, well being and dogs.

Q. What is your inspiration for jumping for joy? A. Taking the risks in life that allow me to passionately live my dream of acting professionally in Los Angeles. And booking an awesome, beautiful, meaty role. When the people I love succeed at something they love. Love itself, of any kind, has me jumping for joy!

Q. What is your driving force in life? A. Adventure & Love of people & life.

Q. Your philosophy? A. Aim high and never, never, never give up. Be bold, be brave, follow your heart and always trust your gut.

Q. What inspires you? A. Freedom to choose.

Q. If you could do anything in the world, what would it be? A. Work with Alexander Payne (there are other directors who fit this too, but I’m starting with Alexander). Staring in one of his beautifully written and well crafted films. And I would love to take a tour to a different place in the world for a couple months to explore with my husband. I can’t imagine not working toward it. I don’t know what else I would do of I wasn’t. These things fill me up and I feel alive! And I love that feeling.

About Stefany:

Stefany is a hereditary chief of the Sḵwxwú7mesh (Squamish Nation) the First Nations / Native American Nation located in the South West Coast of Canada. She is a professional actor who has guest starred and appeared in Film and TV shows such as Pathfinder, Longmire, Da Vinci’s Inquest, The Collector and Da Vinci: City Hall to name a few as well as various independent and short films. She’s hosted and narrated a number of documentaries and TV shows like CTV’s First Story.

We actually researched for on a Documentary together around 1996? about the forced removal of our people living in the Kitsilano / Burrards area. Homes were burned and they were sent them off on a barge. We even spoke with an Elder who had been young when it had happened.

Stefany is a also writer/director and taught acting at Carousel Theatre in Vancouver.

Connect up with Stefany on Social: Instagram: @Stefany_Mathias Twitter: @StefanyMathias Facebook: /Stefany-Mathias


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