Kelsey Grant – Magic is possible when people come together with the intention of sharing joy and opening hearts

One from the archives!

I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Kelsey Grant in Vancouver several years ago when we met up to share joy together. Her open, kind heartedness was felt immediately and we instantly hit it off.

Kelsey has an inspiring project called Radical Self Love which has given insight and shared love with thousands of people.

Kelsey is incredibly kind with her heart and her words, check out the wonderful Jump for Joy Feature write up she did on her blog!

Thank you for sharing your love and your joy Kelsey, you are an inspiration ❤


From: I’m originally from Alberta.
Lives: In Vancouver, BC Canada.
Work: I’m a relationship and self love coach, writer, speaker and musician. I teach people how to have more fulfilling relationships by healing the most important one of all – the one with ourselves.

Q: What inspires joy in you?
 Every morning waking up to this beautiful life I have created for myself. I live in a city I love, I have an incredible relationship with my heart mate and I get to live out my soul purpose through my work- all fabulous reasons to jump for joy!

Q. Your experience doing jumping photos?
 It was a blast! We laughed so much and we were so blessed to have a beautiful sunny day in Vancouver. It was awesome trying different poses and locations and I was so impressed with the creativity that buzzed between the two of us. Such a beautiful example that pure magic is possible when two people come together with the intention of opening hearts and being a contribution.

Q: What inspires you?
 Music. No matter where I am, what I’m doing I can always draw inspiration from music. I love listening to the journeys artists portray through their tunes, I also just love beautiful melodies and catchy rhythms. When I find a piece of music I like I can draw inspiration from it over and over. I am also a big mush and love anything romantic- when I see expressions of love it inspires my heart and soul to the MAX!

Q: Your greatest passion?
 Love is my greatest passion, I love love, I love relationships and I love learning the journey of human connection. I have the honour of expressing this passion through my music, writing and the coaching/teaching work I have the privilege of doing in this world.

Q: Your driving force?
I love creating. It is my greatest driver for sure. I love making music, food, creating programs, writing, jammin on inspired ideas and bringing them to life. Anytime I am not creating is when I feel stagnant and at a loss of power. Creating fuels my life force, it connects me to something bigger than myself. I know when I am creating it’s being done in the service of others and that is an exceptionally powerful driver. To know my creativity will somehow positively impact another heart jazzes me right up.

Q: Your philosophy?
 If it feels good do it. Life is supposed to feel good and be enjoyable. My philosophy helps me to connect to the bigger picture. When making any life choice I consider will this have me feel good now, in 10 minutes, in a day, in a week, in a year from now? If the answer is yes I proceed. This philosophy has helped me loosen up, see the beauty in each moment and move away from an instant gratification model which I certainly experienced throughout my life. This way of seeing and going through life lights me up and is a amazing way for me to tune into my inner guide and honouring my heart.

Q: Anything in the world?
A: I would be doing exactly what I’m doing now just on a grander scale and have a personal music studio where I could produce my tunes and support others in getting their music out there. I am presently working on expanding my vision, writing my first series of relationship and self love books and amping up my public teaching. I do this because its my calling and it’s time to go to the next level of greatness. I believe in living on purpose and that the most effective teachings are real time examples- this is why I do what I do to illustrate real time vulnerability and raw love connection with my communities, clients and with the world.

Q: Mini bio, interesting facts about you or something special you want to share.
 I’m a Radical Self Love coach, speaker, author and musician who is fiercely passionate about teaching people how to love themselves more. I’m greatly inspired by the possibility of a world full of people who are fulfilled, on purpose and resonating in the beauty of love filled, harmonious relationships. I aim to inspire through my real life example and highly value the essence of vulnerability, authenticity and full on self expression. My go-to for raising my vibes and getting back into the high vibe love flow is snuggling kittens, living room dance offs and rocking the rainbow tutu I met the love of my life in.


Twitter: RadSelfLove
Instagram: radicalselflove
FB: RadicalSelfLove


Have a wonderful day and please share the joy!


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