Wandering with Joy, playing along the way with Nipper Sorensen in Santa Monica

We planned this jump session several years ago and just couldn't seem to find the right time to meet up. Finally the time was right and everything fell into place in a perfect and easy way. Nipper arrived with a bag full of tutu's and fun accessories to play with and we wandered around the neighbourhood giggling, playing and jumping around. The more we played and experimented with the photos and accessories, the more fun we had, like a couple of little kids. By the last series of jumps we had exhilarating belly laughs that left us both feeling light and uplifted. Nipper's jumps express the powerful joy she has to share with us and I'm so grateful that she was open and free to let it shine.

Get to know a little about Nipper:

Q: How do you describe the feeling of joy?
A: It’s a fluttering in my heart and a smile on my face that is impossible to suppress! When I think about my family I always start to smile. Or when I come across amazing art – in any form – music, poetry, paintings, photography, etc. – I just love when my face takes on a life of its own and I can feel that genuine smile in my whole body.

Q: How do you cultivate joy in your life?
A: There are many ways, but I think my favorite is through spending time with my family or close friends.

Q: What is your greatest passion in life?
A:  My greatest passion in life is compassion for others and myself. We all have stories and I think it is important to be curious about each others behavior before we judge it. It doesn’t mean I condone poor behavior, but I try – and don’t always succeed – to ask myself what could be going on for someone who may be acting in ways I don’t agree with. And then I try to see if I can have compassion. I think we need a lot more compassion in the US right now on both sides. Even when it’s hard and I want to be righteous – I know my true center is found in compassion and self-compassion.

Q: In what way are you trying to make the world a better place?
A: This goes back to the previous question. I try to look for ways to be compassionate myself and to find ways to foster compassion in the world. I do this through my coaching practice, supporting my clients in connecting with their own hearts and truth, as well as through my art.

Q: What are you working on or creating?
A:  I just launched my art website, Acorn & Elm. I’m working on a series of smaller paintings and oil pastels right now that are based on relationships in my life that I’m super excited about. I’m co-facilitating Soul Camp for Girls age 9-12 in August in Toronto. We did the first one last year, and I can’t wait to be back. The future is indeed with our children and the kids are alright!

Thank you for sharing your joy Nipper!

Connect with Nipper:
Instagram: @acornandelm and @nippergs
FB page: @acornandelm
Other links: acornandelm.com and NipperSorensen.com


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