Tomoki Sage sky jumps of joy in Port Townsend

Tomoki Sage photographed by Eyoälha Baker for Jump for Joy Photo Project

I met Tomoki when my boyfriend Nick and I helped as parking attendants with Thunderbull Productions in exchange for Modest Mouse concert tickets.

Helping park cars was more fun than I anticipated, in part because I was inspired by the creative, playful and energetic parking direction gestures / guidance that Tomoki gave to the drivers. He gave the drivers parking directions with extreme, such energetic and creative expression that you couldn’t help but smile or laugh. So of course, I followed his example and made the people parking laugh, give us thumbs up and they began their concert going experience with a smile.

Doing jumping photos with him was even more fun! Tomoki is part of a live performance group called Nanda. “NANDA” is a Japanese colloquial expression used in reaction to something surprising or unexpected that combines a unique combination of mixed martial arts, acrobatics, circus arts, dance, music and comedy they call, “Acrobaticalism”.

Thanks for being amazing and sharing your acrobaticalism joy!

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Facebook: /Nandatown


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