A beautiful morning to jump for joy in Ruth Hardy Park with Felice Newman

Felice Newman photographed by Eyoalha Baker for Jump for Joy Photo Project and Palm Springs Cultural Center Artist Residency

It was immediately fun when we met up with Felice and her wife Constance at Ruth Hardy Park. They were both ready to jump and play and create. We chose locations in the park that best suited each of their personalities, I loved the architecture and shadows of this structure and Felice said that the lines suited her personality… and she loves her bike so we incorporated it into her photos as well.

Get to know Felice a little:
Q: What inspires you to jump for joy?
Pleasure and gratitude in feeling alive. What makes me feel so alive? Essential connections, with myself, art, my loved ones, my pals, serious thought.

Q: How was your experience doing the jumping photos?
I had a great time with the process – both jumping for joy solo and then with Constance, my love, who is a joy.

Q: How do you describe the feeling of joy?
Joy is a rush of exuberance, a rising energy that wants to explode outward. Can’t contain it – must express it somehow.

Q: What is your greatest passion in life?
My greatest passion? Tapping into a source of creativity — in my painting, but in those small moments of insight and humor that I experience throughout the day.

Q: How do you feel about being part of a collaborative community project that promotes joy?
Fantastic. I love being connected with others, and at this point in history, to connect over joy is precious.

Q: If you could do anything in the world, what would it be?
Paint, swim, lift weights, travel through Asia, hang on the phone with my pals, eat an abundance of fresh fresh yummies, have sex and sex and sex and energy to spare.

Q: What are you working on?
A: I paint abstract, colorful, whimsical acrylic paintings. Lately, I’ve been working on a series of “flat heads,” a style of figurative painting I do. My latest is called “A Better Man,” 16×16 acrylic on wood. It’s a self-portrait of my delicious butch head. http://felicenewman.com/artist/

Q: Mini bio or something special you want to share.
Originally, a New Yorker – which somehow seems important. Thirty-five years ago, I co-founded Cleis Press, a vanguard of queer independent publishing. Now I live in a quieter way with much less push. I am a somatic coach, helping people navigate sex and intimacy – particular working with trauma survivors. I live with my wife in Palm Springs, CA and Provincetown, MA, where my art is found in the Hutson Gallery. In Palm Springs, you’ll find me on my bicycle. Everywhere.

FB page: /felicenewman465
Other links: fineartamerica.com https://hutsongallery.net

Thanks for coming out to play and jump for joy Felice!


Thank you to the Palm Springs Cultural Center inviting me to be your first Artist in residence and bringing the Jump for Joy Photo Project to the Coachella Valley.

If you live in the Coachella Valley and would like more info on the project, or would like to take part, email us: jumpforjoy@psculturalcenter.org


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