A windy and care free jump for joy with the lovely Lena Ingram

Lena Ingram photographed by Eyoalha Baker for Jump for Joy Photo Project and Palm Springs Cultural Center Artist Residency

We met at a roadside gas station and walked to an open area with trails, trees, brush and all kinds of strange debre (like a random TV with a rock smashed into the screen). My immediate impression of Lena was her beautiful, warm and joyful presence and I knew right away we would have a lot of fun together. I love this photo of her as it captures her elegance and grace.

Get to know a little more about Lena:
Q: What inspires you to jump for joy?
The idea that I am free to live my authentic life inspires me to jump for joy!

Q: How was your experience doing the jumping photos?
I was a little nervous before, but once I met Eyoälha, I felt her beautiful, open energy and was as light as air. I began dancing when I was 11, but it was always my regret that I didn’t pursue ballet. Thank you Eyoälha for allowing my inner ballerina come out!

Q: How do you describe the feeling of joy?
When I was younger, I knew I was on the path to a beautiful life with the unconditional love and constant support of my beautiful mama, Nancy Collins. However, as I have finished transitioning, I have experienced an internal happiness and joy I never thought was possible. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!

Q: What is your greatest passion in life?
My greatest passion in life is being creative and moving people with my art and quirky sense of humor. Putting a smile on someone’s face or a little sparkle in their day selfishly brings me happiness.

Q: How do you feel about being part of a community project that promotes joy?
I think it is a beautiful idea to promote joy because we are living in a pretty joyless moment as far as the political climate in this country. Remembering our joy and sharing it with others is such a positive way to promote the idea of getting through this difficult time together.

Q: If you could do anything in the world, what would it be?
If I could help further the rights and medical care of transgender people in the world, that would be amazing.

Q: What are you working on or creating?
I am working on my next series of mixed media paintings featuring dolls in human situations combining my artwork with my short film production company ‘A Miniseries’.

Q: Mini bio or something special you want to share.
As a person in the world I have been fortunate enough to follow my passion of being a creative person and become the woman of my dreams. I really hope that I can and have inspired people in the smallest way to live their dreams…

Instagram: @eye_of_lena
FB page: /shadesoflena
Other links: www.ingramartist.com / www.aminiseries.com / www.thelunchladies.org

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