The You-est You Podcast: Julie Reisler and Eyoalha Baker talk about creating and sharing JOY.

Eyoalha Baker and Julie Reisler talk about JOY on the You'est You Podcast
Eyoalha Baker and Julie Reisler speak about JOY on the You’est You Podcast

Honoured to join the fabulous Julie Reisler on her You’est You Podcast!

When we met in Sedona at the Illuminate Film Festival last year, we had an instant and meaningful connection with each other. I feel that connection comes through in our discussion on the Podcast, where we chat about the ups and downs of my journey creating and sharing joy through the Jump for Joy Photo Project.

I deeply enjoyed our conversation and hope you will as well!

“It was time to reconnect with my me-est me. To get to know her again. To help her heal. To help her thrive. To help her find her way.” – Julie Reisler

Connect and learn more about Julie on social:

Instagram: @juliereisler

Twitter: @JulieReisler

Facebook: /JulieReisler




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