The bright, shining light of Twyla Sambito jumping for joy in Palm Springs

Twyla Sambito photographed by Eyoalha Baker for Jump for Joy Photo Project and Palm Springs Cultural Center Artist Residency

The first time I went to visit the hot lunch being served to people who are homeless and need a hand up, Twyla was the very first person who I met. She was open and friendly and made me and my team feel welcome. She was also the very first person at the lunch who not only wanted to jump for joy, but also helped me recruit others people to take part. She is a shining light.

Get to know a little more about Twyla:
Q: What inspires you to jump for joy?
I’m inspired to jump for joy because I want joy to be present in our world, lives and communities. I want positive emotions felt instead of negative.

Q: How was your experience doing the jumping photos? How did you feel – before and after?
I felt proud to be part of and I hope that she continues to do this throughout the world and would love to be part of her future projects.

Q: How do you describe the feeling of joy? How has joy impacted your life?
Joy is being content and safe and secure which creates a higher form of happiness and self love.

Q: What is your greatest passion in life?
My daughter and my pets and I’m very passionate about those who are less fortunate should feel part of life with everyone.

Q: How do you feel about being part of a community project that promotes joy?
I feel excited. I hope it creates a change that is felt and lasting throughout the community and the world.

Q: If you could do anything in the world, what would it be?
Make it safe for all humans and their pets and make everything sparkle.

Q: What are you working on or creating?
I’m working on me, trying to be the best me ever. I feel like this is the year for me to really shine.

Q: Mini bio or something special you want to share.
I was homeless this last September 2017 – February 2018 due to my motorhome being stolen and so I made a camp for myself and my 7 dogs in the desert and somehow we survived. I even lost 80lbs., no medicine and became a great camper. I no longer fear anything.

Twyla, you are already shining and I know your life will get better and more beautiful everyday, thank you for sharing your joy with the world.

Hey, community – Twyla is amazing and still just getting on her feet… How can we help her shine even brighter?


Thank you to the Palm Springs Cultural Center inviting me to be your first Artist in residence and bringing the Jump for Joy Photo Project to the Coachella Valley.

If you live in the Coachella Valley and would like more info on the project, or would like to take part, email us:


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