This page is dedicated to all the amazing, kind hearted and wonderfully supportive people who have helped me along and shown me incredible generosity and kindness.

A gigantic and heart felt THANK YOU! to all who took the time to contribute.

Marc Tello, Mode Suites, Honeybee Henderson, Laurel L. Lewis, Michael Robinson, Kreativefinds, Katy Mackenzie, Taranah King, SamanthaMG, Alice Ko, Deborah Low, Meghan Sharir, MJ, Amalia Liapis, Karina Louise Vallee, Chad Mac, Norman Jaffe, Lea Chaplin, Miguel A. Ruiz Jr., Alyssa, Roland Tanglao, Ed Adams, Laura Livingstone, Dayna S., Graham Snowden, Simone Seeger, Jory Kevin Berger, Aliyah O’Brien, Rachel Small, Chad Deal, Qulsey Zeeper, Dawn Neal, Brent, Kirk Fuller, Julieanne Chazotte, Ahbyah Baker, Julian Guderley, Christi Yassin, Michael Lyons, Thais Sewell, Ruth Nahanee, Karen Pelrine-Abs, Ulrike Metzner, Janice Antoine, Lucy Oliver, Jules Seaman, Melody Ma, Gabriel Torrado, Alice Chen, Colleen Critoph, Carol Arnold-Schutta, Doerthe Keilholz, Thomas Nicol, Dominik Klein, Analise, Maryann Treffers, Nadia Wood, Sharad Khare, Courtney, Stephanie Wiriahardja, Esra Inal, Darren L., Ida Avignoni, Jaxon Howell, Andrea Flamenco, Praveen Varshney, Andrea Brockie, Cara Brighton, Kenny Huang, Michael Mayzel, Elizabeth Westberg, Pilar Stella, Sat Harwood, Antonio Alvarez, Roberto Ortiz, Dennys, Adam King, Carlos Castellon, Caryn Cameron, Joseph Pallant, Taoin Naia Lore, Koshala Basnayake

THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart
If I have forgotten to mention your name you are not forgotten in my heart:)!

Vancouver, BC
Paula and Michael
Deborah and Dean
Dannie and Sam
Paige and JC

Kauai, Hawaii
Anna (Bill and Joan)
Taj and Marc Andre
Lilou Mace

Los Angeles, California

Berlin, Germany

a special thank you to those who made contributions through Indigogo:

  • Juliane Kampa
  • Seeger
  • my mom
  • Anna Olivera
  • Deborah Richards
  • Laurel Lewis
  • Alyssa Nobriga
  • Ingrid Jones
  • Maria Lewenhaupt
  • Eliza Pearson
  • Paige Strouts
  • Boyd Panton
  • Bhavani
  • Jacquie Wilson Peterson

Also special thanks to Anna Olvera who helped me edit my proposal and to come up with this beautiful tag line:  Showcasing the beauty of the human spirit — in mid-air — around the world

and a special heart felt thank you to Joe and Bhavani

I am extremely happy and grateful to everyone who has helped and supported me (in countless ways) … you are all an important part of my life and very much appreciated. :)

16 thoughts on “THANK YOU!

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  2. Really inspiring and joyful photos you have here.. Just happiness and joy. All in one. Lovely indeed. And thank you very much for visiting my blog :D


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