Richard Dimond joy of jumping! May 12, 2014

Stunning views after all long hike are always worth jumping! Richard jumps for joy at the top of The Sleeping … More

Afternoon jump for joy photo – Richard Diamond!

Hiking the “Sleeping Giant” mountain in Kauai, Hawaii. Mountain top jumping joy 🙂 Have a splendid afternoon! please, help me … More

Newsletter Archive featuring Richard Diamond from October 15, 2012

Newsletter Archive featuring Richard Diamond from October 15, 2012 All photos of Richard Diamond were taken while hiking up the … More

Jump for joy photo of the day – Richard Diamond! October 9, 2012

Richard expressing his jump of joy on one of his stops along our hike up the “sleeping giant” mountain on … More

Afternoon jumping joy – Diana Branum Leone!

On yesterdays hike up the stunning “sleeping giant” side of the mountain, we met a lost hiker (Diana), Richard Diamond … More

Kauai afternoon jumping joy – Richard Diamond!

This afternoon I climbed to the top of “Sleeping Giant” Mountain with Richard Diamond, publisher of the Kauai MuseLetter and … More