Jump for joy photo of the day – Christine Michelle! October 24, 2013

The lovely Christine Michelle jumping around in the ally ways of Gastown, Vancouver BC Canada. Have a great day!

Afternoon jump for joy photo – Makenzie Chilton!

The beautiful Makenzie jumping for joy in a back ally way in Gastown Vancouver as the sun goes down. Have … More

Jump for joy photo of the day – Dawn Neale! November 9, 2012

Lovely jumping joy with Dawn Neale in Gastown, Vancouver, BC. Have a wonderful day!

Afternoon jumping joy photo – Makenzie Chilton!

Taken last summer in a Gastown back ally way.. Makenzie jumping for joy and being carried away by a bouquet … More

Afternoon jump of joy! – Dawn Neale!

Dawn and I found this bright purple wall while jumping for joy! in Gastown, Vancouver. Enjoy your afternoon!

Afternoon jumping joy – Going Coastal!

Going Coastal is rasing money and competing in The Coastal Challenge 2013.. their goal is to raise $230,000 for education … More

Afternoon jumping joy photo Dawn Neale!

Dawn doing some gorgeous jumping between the buildings in Gastown, Vancouver BC. Have a stupendous afternoon and enjoy the weekend … More

Jump photo of the day – Makenzie Chilton! August 20, 2012

Makenzie skipping along with a bunch of balloons in Gastown, Vancouver BC. Simple pleasures can bring so much joy to … More

Afternoon jump of joy photo!

A fun shot of Dawn in the dot. We had a blast playing around in the smelly garbage can lined … More