a fabulously unique individual…

“Freak: A person who is envied cause they are a fabulously unique individual and has no need or desire to … More

Afternoon Jump for joy photo – Stephanie Zeh!

A little lady love from Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles, California. Enjoy your afternoon!

Jump for joy photo of the day – Christopher O’Brocto! December 15, 2012

Jumping for joy over his Harley Davidson in a back lane of Hollywood, California. Have a wonderful day!

a vital element…

“Enthusiasm is a vital element toward the individual success of every man or woman.” – Conrad Hilton

Newsletter Archive featuring Mark Hildreth on July 16, 2012

Read more about Mark Hildreth Newsletter archive July 16, 2012. . This series of images of Mark were taken in … More

Jump photo of the day! July 6, 2012

Big bike jumping joy from Chris in Hollywood, CA. Have a great day!

Jump photo of the day! July 1, 2012

Another fantastic day full of jumping joy with Mark Hildreth in Los Angeles! Mark will be featured in the Jump … More

Jump photo of the day – Katie Shaw! June 18, 2012

An absolutely amazing shoot today with the lovely and talented Katie Shaw in Hollywood Hills, California. Sign up for the … More