What propels you forward each and everyday? @ashleighmcivor @D6MERIT

Ashleigh and Jay DeMerit Jumping Joy Photo by Eyoälha Baker for www.jumpforjoyphotoproject.com

Ashleigh and Jay DeMerit Jumping Joy Photo by Eyoälha Baker for http://www.jumpforjoyphotoproject.com

“Passion is defined as having or being compelled by intense emotion; a strong fondness or enthusiasm. It is a stirring within that possesses your being in a euphoric manner, creating a feeling of connectedness with yourself and an assurance that you are following your life’s path. It is what propels you forward each and everyday, each and every moment, and gives you the strength to pursue all that inspires you.”http://www.wikihow.com/Find-a-Passion-in-Life

When I think of passionate people with strength to pursue what inspires them… these two are a perfect example. I first discovered Jay DeMerit (ex-pro soccer player, and played in the world cup, entrepreneur) watching his talk at TedxVancouver. I was so impressed and inspired by the story he shared, by his incredibly positive energy and uplifting attitude that I immediately contacted him to ask if I could feature him in the Jump for Joy photo project. He not only said yes, he also brought his amazing wife Ashleigh McIvor-DeMerit, who just so happens to be an Olympic Gold Medalist!

When you hear the stories of determination and passion to reach a goal… or even better, following your life’s path, from two amazing people like this, it really does make you want to jump for joy.

Thank you Jay and Ashleigh, for reminding me that anything is possible.

Have a wonderful day!


Ashleigh (McIvor) DeMerit @ashleighmcivor #jumpforjoyphoto of the day! Feb. 28, 2015

Ashleigh taking a beautiful leap for joy on a crisp fall day in Vancouver … she is actually jumping with the Gold Medal she won skiing in the winter olympics! Inspiring. An amazing accomplishment and perfect reason to jump for joy 🙂

Have a spectacular day.. get out and play!

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Jump for Joy! Photo Project on @NovusTV City Lights w Natalie Langston @langstonnatalie @aliceko @Tammy_F_Gillis

Jump for Joy! Photo Project on Novus TV – City Lights with Natalie Langston. I had the great pleasure of doing Jumping shoots with the lovely Alice Ko and Tammy Gillis. My hair by Brendan Hopwood BEAUTY-A-GO-GO, Makeup by Diana’s Artistry. Styled by Gaia Subren. And lots of people in the photos.. see anyone you know?


Ashleigh McIvor @ashleighmcivor + Jay DeMerit @D6MERIT #jumpforjoyphoto of the day! Oct. 30, 2014

I met up with the super inspiring and talented Ashleigh McIvor (Olympic Gold Medalist!) and Jay DeMerit (Former-Pro/World Cup Soccer player, USA National team, Watford FC & the Vancouver Whitecaps FC!) to jump around in Crab Park in Vancouver BC Canada. Lots of fun and plenty of laughs. Excited to be featuring them in my upcoming mail out, to be inspired and to find out what they are up to now
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Have a wonderful day… get out and play!