Proud to be a legit trailer park girl – jump for joy!

Eyoälha Baker self portrait for Jump for Joy Photo Project

I am proud to be a legitimate trailer park girl!

My grandpa Dan and Nanny were trail blazers, visionaries. They created a new life for themselves and my family from nothing, they did something that had never been done before. They were among the first (possibly the first) First Nations successful business entrepreneurs in West Vancouver, on the Capilano Indian Reservation: IR#5.

My family created, owned and ran the Capilano RV park most of my life (my dad who’s a brilliant artist, started managing the Park after my grandpa died. I was around 5 or 6). They were super generous, sponsored sports and gave jobs and opportunities to people… until the RV park was unceremoniously taken (long story, systematic colonialism, greed etc.).

At 13, I was part time time receptionist at the RV park, one of my first jobs (after my North Shore News paper route on the Rez age 8, babysitting at age 9+, and modelling for Touch Of Culture and helping teach self esteem classes with my auntie age 12or13?+).

I got to live a privileged life because my family took chances, worked hard, against all odds to success. My dad had totem poles raised on the property. They still stand proud there, they’re a landmark.

Today, walking past this trailer community, I thought of this and did trailer girl selfie picks in honour of my trailer park heritage.

After jumping around and laughing for a bit, I walked on with a smile in the sunshine. That’s when I met Dave, the guy who lives in my art project trailer community landscape.

I told him my legit trailer park girl story and we had a good laugh. He told me he’s a musician, everyone tells him he will not make it, that he will fail, he can barely manage to live in his trailer.

I told Dave my plan to live my life better than I can image. That if I’m writing my own story, it’s gotta be a wildly romantic, wonderful, adventurous, better than I can image, a mind boggling story. And it’s already happening!

I asked to take his photo so one day I could say, “I knew Dave back then. No one believed in him, he lived in a trailer and everyone told him he’d never make it. Now he’s a world famous rock star billionaire.” I knew him when.


I love these walking adventures that create opportunities to interact with random interesting people. I’ll include more stories like this here soon… until next time!

Have a wonderful day and please share the joy!


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