Soul jumps of joy with Angie Correa

Angie Correa
Angie Correa photographed by Eyoalha Baker for Jump for Joy Photo Project

I am always in awe of the incredible life I am experiencing.

I had spent several months resting, doing some deep clearing and healing of lifelong traumas that had been limiting me in all aspects of my being. Just as I was coming out of my internal quiet time and starting to feel myself again, my dear friend Alyssa Nobriga invited me to her beautiful home in LA to be part of her dream team (alongside Laurel, Judy, Diana, Anna and Angie). And to photograph her incredible Success+Soul Live event. I instantly went from being a hermit to witnessing nearly 100 soulful, down to earth, courageous women learn shine brighter, have more compassion for themselves and each other.

When I met and worked with Angie, we had an instant connection. She is full of life, spicy, playful and a powerhouse force to be reckoned with. We are both rebuilding our lives in a new direction and rewriting the path our life stories. After the event we decided to take some time to uplift each other in the ways we know best: I captured photos of her essence, her strength and beauty. And Angie is helping me build structure around my photography business.

This open hearted give and take always fills my heart. Of course, just as our photo session was winding down, I had to capture some fun jump for joy photos. I love the way Angie shines in this photo as she effortlessly floats in the air, a symbol of what’s to come. This is just the beginning of our next chapters and I can’t wait to experience our new stories as they unfold.

Get to know a little more about Angie:

Q: How was your experience doing the jumping photos?
A: I absolutely loved my experience with Eyoalha doing the jump for joy photos. Before that moment I was winding down and my energy was calm and the minute we started the jumps and how she captured me I felt fully energized, confident and giddy.

Q: How do you describe the feeling of joy?
A: I would describe joy as the state of being purely yourself in the moment. I know I am experiencing joy when I am not worried about how I look, what I’m wearing or if I am being judged. I AM FREE!!! That is joy and that awareness has helped me decide what experiences I want to have and who I want to surround myself with.
Q: What is your greatest passion in life? 
A: My greatest passion in life is working with women and showing them how powerful they are in their totality. I like to say they are multidimensional beings living in a technicolor world so let’s OWN IT! There is a whole segment of women that are in their second chapter of life and knowing that I can be the conduit to their full potential gives me life.
Q: How do you cultivate joy in your life?
A: I cultivate joy in my life by spending as much time with women that lift me up while laughing, dancing, playing and having fun.
Q: In what way are you trying to make the world a better place? How can we help you?
A: I am trying to make the world a better place by Empowering Women to Take Courageous Action in their life & career to live Abundantly. I want to reach as many women over 40 that have gone through some life changing experience and need extra support to get back on their feet.
Q: What are you creating?  
A: I am creating a Mastermind group for over 40 women of color to create their LIFE2.0 plan and create a Powerful future.
Q: Greatest challenge you have overcome?
A: The greatest challenge that I have overcome is feeling like my life was over after divorce & a layoff. Turning 49 in 8 days has shown me that my life is just beginning and I don’t have to subscribe to society or family beliefs that it’s “all downhill from here” Fuck that!
Q: Mini bio or something special you want to share about yourself
A: I’m a 20 year corporate executive turned Career Coach and am manifesting some BADASS Women who have given blood sweat and tears to a career that no longer serves them and they are ready to move into their 2.0 life that they create by design.

Clients in my 6 month programs are thriving & earning the passive income they never thought possible.

If you are tired of waiting for something to change and ready to take action, if you are coachable and willing to leave old thoughts, habits & beliefs behind and is open to investing in creating something New then I would love to connect with you.

Instagram: @angiecorrea_life2.0
LinkedIn: /angiecorrea
FB page: /Life2.0withAngieCorrea

Thank you for being open and willing to ask and receive support and for sharing your joy Angie!


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