Announcing Palm Springs Cultural Center Artist Residency with Jump for Joy Photo Project

Eyoalha Baker selfie Jump for Joy Photo Project

This weekend, January 20th, the Palm Springs Cultural Center (AKA the Camollot Theatre) will be officially announcing the start of the Artist Residency Program.

I am proud to have been selected as their inaugural artist in residence and will be in Palm Springs for the next 3 months taking jump for joy photos with as many people as possible, throughout the Coachella Valley, and making a mural on the outdoor wall of the theatre with the photos.

I will also be doing a talk / presentation / Q + A about the project at the Theatre – date TBA – I will keep you posted once a date has been set.

If you live in the Coachella Valley or happen to be visiting over the next 3 months and would like to take part, send us an email: and we can set up a jumping photo shoot 🙂

Share the joy!

Palm Springs Cultural Center


  1. We jumped with Eyoälha today and had such a wonderful time. She’s a gem! Can’t wait to see the completed project! JON & TIM


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