Support what you value and admire @FreeOfViolence #jumpforjoyphotoproject

Photo of Janice Abbot, CEO of Atira Womens Resource Society by Eyoalha Baker for the Jump for Joy Photo project

Photo of Janice Abbot, CEO of Atira Womens Resource Society by Eyoalha Baker for the Jump for Joy Photo project

“You get more reward from your efforts when they’re applied in a positive direction. So instead of rebelling against what you dislike, work to build and support what you value and admire.” – Marc and Angel hack Life

Janice Abbott is a woman I admire and respect. She is the Founder and CEO of Atira Women’s Resource Society, which is a not-for-profit organization committed to the work of ending violence against women through providing direct service, as well as working to increase awareness of and education around the scope and impact on our communities of men’s violence against women and children.

If it weren’t for the support of Janice and all the amazing people who work at Atira, the Wall of Joy Mural may never have been created but more importantly the work they do in the community is vital. People have homes, are safe and eat because they took the time to build what was needed.

There will always be difficult situations in life, the perspective and actions we take make all the difference. Thank you to people like Janice, who do what needs to be done.

Happy to celebrate wonderful people doing good 🙂

7 Tips for Awesome Jumping Photos – Guest post by Laura O’Donnell

Jumping photo of Eyoalha  Baker by Lilou Mace

Jumping photo of Eyoalha Baker by Lilou Mace

People often ask me for tips on taking jumping photos… Im usually having so much fun, giggling and laughing that I don’t pay attention to anything but playing around to get the shot. Luckily, Laura O’Donnell has submitted this wonderful post with lots of great tips on how to get a capture a beautiful jumping shot (while giggling and having fun at the same time) 🙂 I hope you will feel inspired to go out and do some jumping photos!

Have a great day – Eyoalha

Enjoy the article!

7 Tips for Awesome Jumping Photos
Guest post by Laura O’Donnell

Many people have cameras in their phones today, and taking pictures of every interesting thing has become more and more common. With so many more opportunities to capture the joyful moments of our lives with photographs and utilizing digital picture frames, the desire to create something beautiful, beyond the general pose and smile type of picture has given rise to more action photos, in particular jumping photos.

Jumping photos are fun and have been around for quite a long time. There’s just something inherently joyful about someone jumping into the air, especially if the photographer can give the impression of flight, of the person in the picture becoming untethered from the Earth. That carefree kind of action can capture something truly special in an individual.

A great jumping photo should capture the unique essence of who you are. Here are a few pointers you might consider if you want to take some jumping photos that really show your subject in a new light.

Remind The Jumper to Relax

One reason jumping photos are so great is that they cause people to be fully present in the moment. While someone is jumping up and down, they’re not thinking about how they’re going to look, or about the concerns of the moment – they’re just concentrating on jumping. A great jumping photo doesn’t have to take a lot of effort, the freer and looser the person is, the better the photo will be – remind them to relax before jumping, or better yet, get them to laugh… this is part of the fun.

Go Low

One of the best things you can do when taking a jumping photo is to take it from a low vantage point. The lower you go, the higher the jump is going to look in the final picture. It really gives a dramatic look to the composition.

Stay Close

While you’re getting low, stay close to the subject. Naturally, you don’t want to get too close to a jumping person… but being close up does give the picture a dramatic look. You’ll be able to see little details that give the final photo the impression of motion, or of floating. Remember to frame your photo and take it at the proper time to avoid cutting the subject’s head out of the picture 😉

One of the best things about going from film to digital is that your pictures are essentially unlimited. So, you can take dozens of shots, then delete the ones you don’t like, and keep going until your jumper is tired of jumping (and laughing), or you have a shot you are happy with.

Press (or Unpress) the Button

Remember that there is often a lag between when you push the button and when the photo is taken, so do what you can to get the timing right. If your camera comes with an action or sports setting, use that.

Cell phone users should note that the picture is taken when you take your finger off the button, not when you push it. So, get your position set up, hold down the button, then release it at just the right moment. You’ll get less of a pause until the camera actually starts taking photos. Timing is everything.. that being said, sometimes the outtakes are the most interesting ones.

Count Down

Counting down is absolutely necessary to keep you and your jumper on the same page, so you’re ready when they jump. It will probably take a little practice, but it will be worth the time. You can count down from three, so your jumper knows exactly when to jump. That way, the subject will be totally focused on the jumping, and you will be totally focused on taking photos of the jumping. 1 – 2 – 3 – GO!

*** A little about our guest post writer ***

Laura O’Donnell writes smart content on behalf of the digital photo frame gurus at Nixplay. As an avid writer and learner, she loves to use her skills for engaging others in important topics in creative and effective ways. When she is not working, she loves meeting new people, traveling, and bringing her Pinterest dreams to life. Find her on LinkedIn.

– Edits have been made to the article by Eyoalha Baker –

Choosing to feel + share joy, the jump for joy journey so far @eyoalha @tedxeastvan

Eyoalha Baker, Founder of the Jump for Joy Photo Project on the TedXEastVan stage. April 23, 2016

Eyoalha Baker, Founder of the Jump for Joy Photo Project on the TedXEastVan stage. April 23, 2016

“Everything you do has an impact. Who you are – that you are – actually matters. In an interconnected world (the only kind we have), our actions and the actions of others are inextricably linked- we are always and forever in a dance of mutual influence with those with whom we directly and indirectly participate. It is the unavoidable reality of being social creatures, only magnified by an ever-increasingly complex and interwoven societal structure. We matter to each other.” – Paul Greiner

The decision to make feeling and sharing joy a priority in my life, has shown me just how interconnected we are. Last night I was honoured to share the TEDXEASTVAN stage with 12 amazing human beings who making an impact on the world by sharing who they are through their ideas.

What an amazing joy journey this has been so far… I am excited to turn the next page.

If you were not able to be at our live presentation last night, not to worry, it will be edited and ready to share in about a month 🙂

Thank you for following along. Here is the link to the TedXEastVan Talk

Have a wonderful day!!


Be passionate, fall madly in love with life… #jumpforjoy to celebrate it all

“Be passionate, fall madly in love with life. Be passionate about some part of the natural and/or human worlds and take risks on its behalf, no matter how vulnerable they make you.” … “Offer yourself to the world — your energies, your gifts, your visions, your heart — with open-hearted generosity.” – Parker Palmer

Jump for joy photos by Eyoalha Baker

Jump for joy photos by Eyoalha Baker

Today is just another day to celebrate all that makes your life and the world wonderful 🙂 Happy Earth Day!

The perspective we take and how we see and experience the world will be reflected back to us, be aware of your thoughts today, and how are you approaching your life.

Much love to you – Eyoalha

The magical sense that everything is possible… make me want to #jumpforjoy :)

“Joy is the highest energy of all. It’s the magical sense that everything is possible. Joy springs from appreciating the gifts within each moment. Joy allows you to attract and create your present and future moments at their highest possible levels.” – Doreen Virtue

Share joy! Photo by Eyoalha Baker

Share joy! Photo by Eyoalha Baker

One of the reasons I love the powerful energy of joy… when you can tap into it, you really do feel like anything is possible. In the times that I’ve felt most joyful, my world feels magical and alive.. jumping around and doing jumping photos, reminds me of that, it loosens me up, gets me silly and brings me back to that state. Give it a try, jump for joy… at the very least, you will giggle at yourself in the photos 🙂

Have a wonderful day!


I started to feel an exhilarating sensation… #jumpforjoyphotoproject

Barbara Tili jump for joy photo by Eyoalha Baker

Barbara Tili jump for joy photo by Eyoalha Baker

Barbara Tili came out to jump around and spread a little joy with me and we had a really fun time. I loved watching her open up and get more playful with every jump 🙂

A few questions to get to know Barbara….

Q: What inspired you to want to jump for joy?
A:​ I loved your project since I’ve first heard of it few years ago, so when we met it just came out so natural… of course I was going to jump for you! 😉

Q. Your jump for joy experience?
A:​ It felt a bit strange at the beginning, like I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to…jump (?)​… But then the more we took photos the more I started to feel an exhilarating sensation… like the inner child had finally found something very appropriate to do! When we finished it felt like… no… have we done already?

Q: How do you describe the feeling of joy?
A:​ ​The feeling of joy is a very high vibration of energy, you cannot contain a smile even if you try. It feels like a stream of very fresh air.

Q: Your greatest passion?
A:​ Photography and Architecture. I’m a trained architect but photography makes me look at architecture in an all other way. It makes me feel more connected with the original idea of why I’ve studied it​ in the first place, photography makes me see the noble side of architecture. It makes me experience the built environment in a more intimate way. (this may sound weird in english…..feel free to change if needed…)

Q: Your driving force?
A:​ My driving force is inspiration. From every little thing in life or interaction with people. I feel that in order to function well, we need to feel inspired every day by what is around us.

Q: Your philosophy?
A:​ ​It is important to never stop learning, wether it is our own profession or exploring new directions. I believe in not being afraid to discover who we really are and what is our true journey in life and doing all we can to follow that path. Because it is only when you are on that path that you feel you have arrived home.

Q: If you could do anything in the world?
A:​ I would love to use my photography to document what good architecture can do in developing countries. It is in my list of goals for the next years.​

Q: What are you working on?
A:​ I’m specializing in architectural and interior photography, and have a bit of obsession with geometry and patterns, most of my photography is a collection of shapes and form.

Q: Something special you would like to share.
A:​ Exactly 1 year ago I decided that inspiration was something that I wanted in my life, every single day. I didn’t expect that so much would have changed after this decision, I’m a very different person from whom I was then, and I’m also turning 40 this year….the best time in life to celebrate change and new directions!

You can follow her work at:

Instagram:​ @barbaratili

Have a wonderful day!

Much love, Eyoalha 🙂

Recognize how good things really are :) @KateDuncanDesig

Kate Duncan

“Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves 
to recognize how good things really are.” 
- Marianne Williamson

Kate Duncan came out to play!

Taking a few minutes out of a busy day full of deadlines to jump around and share joy, make you remember… just how good things really are 🙂

Kate designs the most beautiful, handmade furniture… check this out:

and, follow her work on all the good stuff:

Twitter: @KateDuncanDesig

Instagram: @duncankate

Have a wonderful day!


It’s a little weird. …and then I would have jumped all day @hotartwetcity

Chris Bentzen of Hot Art Wet City jump for joy photo by Eyoalha Baker

Chris Bentzen of Hot Art Wet City jump for joy photo by Eyoalha Baker

Making art, with art.

Chris Bentzen kindly came out to jump around with me in the glorious sunshine. I found this great mural in a lane way off of 8th and Main Street in Vancouver and thought it would be fun to play around with it (I’d love to credit this artist, so if you know who made it please let me know).

I love how Chris became part of the mural and is so effortfully suspended in the air. Light and fun.

Mini interview with Chris:

Q: What inspired you to come out and jump for joy?
A: Why not! (I have a tendency to say yes when a photographer asks to take my picture)

Q. Your Jump for Joy experience?
A: It’s a little weird. It did take me a few jumps to feel comfortable and then I would have jumped all day.

Q: Your driving?
A: I’ll let you know when I figure that out. Always trying to find a new challenge.

Q: Your philosophy?
A: Unfortunately it’s the Nike slogan: just do it! I try not to worry to much if it something is going to success or fail but at least I tried.

Q: What are you working on?
A: Always the gallery…

Pleas support art! follow Chris Bentzen on all the links to get to know him a little better 🙂

Twitter: @hotartwetcity
Instagram @hotartwetcity

FB: hotartwetcity

Have a wonderful day!

Whatever you can dream, do it… do it now :) #jumpforjoyphotoproject

Jump for joy photo collage by Eyoalha Baker

Jump for joy photo collage by Eyoalha Baker

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.” – William Hutchison Murray

The Tedxeastvan speakers - April 23, 2016 in Vancouver, BC Canada

The Tedxeastvan speakers – April 23, 2016 in Vancouver, BC Canada

When I started out with the Jump for Joy Photo Project in 2012, I hoped that I would be able to spread joy around the world with my photos. Since then the journey has been full of many beautiful heart opening experiences and opportunities. In a few weeks I have the honour of being one of 12 speakers presenting at TedxEastVan. This is an exciting challenge for me to get up on stage and overcome my stage fright and Im looking forward to sharing some of my experiences along my journey and why I have been so committed to keep going with this project even through the rough patches and hard times 🙂

I would love to see some friendly faces out in the crowd so hope you can make it out to cheer us on, on April 23, 2016.

Thank you for following along my journey and for your ongoing support with this project so far.

Have a wonderful day!