Super fun group #jumpforjoyphoto ATTEMPT w camera timer @MarkBusse

If you are ever in need of a really good laugh and an energy boost.. try this: Get a group of fun people together, prop up your camera, set the timer.. and JUMP around. We video taped our attempt and its quite hilarious, we made need some practice to get the timing right. In this fun group jump attempt video / photo is Mark Busse, Andrea Busse, Claudio De Los Rios, Sylvia Rigakis and myself, Eyoalha Baker.

We never actually all made it up at the same time, but luckily Mark Busse is a photoshop wizard and he created an image of all of us up at once – see the finished product below the video 🙂

Photo by Eyoälha Baker and Mark Busse
Photo by Eyoälha Baker and Mark Busse

This is it! The last day to help create the jump for joy photo mural! Help spread the beautiful and fun energy of joy, pledge here:

Thank you for helping create this joy-full work!

Please... share the joy :)

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