Contest! Want to be in the #jumpforjoy photo #mural for free? Check this out :) #contest


Im still going with fundraising for the 18,000 sq ft Jump for Joy Mural Project..

I only have 22 days left to raise funds in order to create the mural.

The pledging for the new mural has been quite slow the past couple of days…

SO, heres a contest / incentive to help get some pledges in and get you on the wall …

The first person to get 8 people to make a pledge of $25 or more will get a FREE JUMP SHOOT with me and a PHOTO ON THE MURAL! The people who make the pledges must put your name in the comment section of indiegogo after theve pledged for the pledge to count (and must be in Vancouver to do the shoot). GO GO GO!

Here is the link: πŸ™‚

Thanks for taking part and have a great day!



Please... share the joy :)

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