Its Andrea Williams #jumpforjoyphoto of the day! #Vancouver #jumpforjoyphoto June 20, 2015

Photo by Eyoälha Baker
Photo by Eyoälha Baker

The lovely Andrea (aka Nomad Andrea) met up with me in East Van to jump around and we came up with some beautiful and joy filled jump pics 🙂 Looking forward to sharing them on the 18,000 sq ft mural I’m not fundraising for…

Take a look at the link, watch the fun video and find out how you can contribute and get involved too:

have a wonderful day!


  1. I watched your video – I can’t believe they took that amazing mural down. It was incredible. I wish you could come to our city and do a mural, it would be so uplifting!!!!

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    1. The mural coming down became an opportunity to create the new one that Im now fundraising for 🙂 Once I create this one, I would love to go to other cites around the world and create more murals like this with people from each city.. where do you live?

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