Afternoon jump for joy photo – Meeshelle Neal!

Sunshine jump of joy. Photo by Eyoälha Baker

A blast of sunshine from rainy Vancouver BC. This photo of Meeshelle Neal was taken at Sunset beach in Vancouver BC … a lovely reminder of sunnier days 🙂

Enjoy your cozy rain filled afternoon!


  1. You always fill my days with lots of joy. I don’t always have the time to let you know I am looking at those pictures and hoping to continue to try new things to make me “jump for joy!”


  2. So happy you are following my blog. The woman in your header looks like the silhouette in Forever Young picture I posted in The Art of Running. Free spirit! Good luck!


    1. The woman in the header is me… and yes, I am a free spirit 🙂 Best of luck to you as well!


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