Afternoon jump of joy – Kilauea Caffe Crew jump!

Kilauea Caffe Crew jump.

My friend got this fantastic shot on his iphone of me shooting a group jump for joy photo with the coolest group of women on the Big Island, Hawaii. They work at the Kilauea Kreations Caffe on Old Volcano Road on the Big Island of Hawaii.

I would highly recommend, that if you are ever on the Big Island to stop by here, grab a delicious coffee.. maybe stop in at the Volcano’s Lava Rock Cafe next door and have a Loco Moco at the restaurant (I had it for breakfast at the restaurant and it was delicious!) and say hello to these lovely women. I will post the shot I got soon as well but I think this one is great 🙂

Having a great time on the Big Island so far… back to Kauai tomorrow 🙂


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