Jump for Joy! Introduction

Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for your interest in Jump for Joy! photo project. I am still in the planning process and the project is growing and evolving as I go along. I would love to give you a little more information on what I am doing…

My goal is to travel to as many areas/countries as possible over a years time taking photos of people having a lot of fun and expressing their own unique style of Jumping for Joy! I then intend to compile the photos in an art photo book of 1,000 jumping photos and a photography exhibit that showcases a select few of the best JUMPING images.

I was originally hoping to complete this project by the end of January 2013 but it looks as though this date may need to be pushed back a month or two in order to complete the post production end of things. Sample images and more info can be found at this link: www.indiegogo.com/jumpforjoy and  http://eyoalha.smugmug.com.

If you would like to be a part of this fun project email me your: name, email, phone and address and I will see if I can arrange to do Jumping Photos where you are.

I am also available if you would like to book me for other photo projects such as; personal or family portraits, events and other creative works so contact me for rates and bookings 🙂

Thank you again for your interest and support! Your feedback and suggestions will be greatly appreciated and I will be posting updates and changes to my project on this blog as well as my facebook page as the project and locations evolve so please like my page if you haven’t already and check back for updates: www.facebook.com/pages/Eyoälha-Baker-Art-Photography

Much love to you, and hope to see you Jumping for Joy! Very soon 🙂

Please... share the joy :)

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