This page is dedicated to all the amazing, kind hearted and wonderfully supportive people who have helped me along and shown me incredible generosity and kindness. I am extremely happy and grateful to everyone who has helped and supported me (in countless ways) … you are all an important part of my life and very much appreciated. :)

THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart <3

I would like to make a special heart felt thank you to the following people who have kindly accommodated me, made me feel welcome and at home – you are angels and there are no words that can express my gratitude (if I have forgotten to mention your name you are not forgotten in my heart:)!

For welcoming me to stay in your homes:

Vancouver, BC
Paula and Michael
Deborah and Dean
Paige and JC

Kauai, Hawaii
Anna (Bill and Joan)
Taj and Marc Andre
Lilou Mace

Los Angeles, California

Berlin, Germany

a special thank you to those who made Donations (please let me know if I have forgotten to mention you):
Thais Sewell
Marissa Cepelinski
Aliyah O’Brien
Laurel Lewis
Christopher O’Brocto
Steve Bowers
Makenzie Chilton
Maryann Treffers
Mark Bradley

a special thank you to those who made contributions through Indigogo:

  • Juliane Kampa
  • Seeger
  • my mom
  • Anna Olivera
  • Deborah Richards
  • Laurel Lewis
  • Alyssa Nobriga
  • Ingrid Jones
  • Maria Lewenhaupt
  • Eliza Pearson
  • Paige Strouts
  • Boyd Panton
  • Bhavani
  • Jacquie Wilson Peterson

Also special thanks to Anna Olvera who helped me edit my proposal and to come up with this beautiful tag line:  Showcasing the beauty of the human spirit — in mid-air — around the world

and a special heart felt thank you to Joe and Bhavani

10 thoughts on “THANK YOU!

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  2. Hello! Thanks for the follow! I’m a photographer too..and I loooooove this idea! Soo positive! Project good things and you shall receive the same! :)

    Like this

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